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  1. Was this a random dude or someone actually challenging their master???? I find it hard to believe they'd disrespect their master to a real fight.

  2. Nah some random drunk dude, it happened in my city. This incident occured inside the perimeter of a temple which is more than 1000 yrs old. There are a lot of people practicing martial arts and hooligans so, they're bound to fight one another at some point.

  3. If anyone wanna watch no.2 for city building then just watch its season 1. Season 2 is just your typical isekai romance harem bullshit but, excluding everything that made s1 good. I still regret watching it.

  4. Those missonaries are infuriating as fuck. They give people money for converting(which in itself isn't a bad thing) but they arent doing it on good faith but, preying on most veneurable and desperate people and the subtle things they tell them is destroying our culture. We Nepalis(mostly everyone) have a festival called dashain which is our biggest festival. During this festival everyone goes back to their village/parents house we do a lot of things like cooking (a whole goat), worshipping different gods and godesses, etc and in the last day the eldest member of the family puts a tika on their forehead and gives blessing of long life and prosperity. Esentially, these missionaries told people who converted that putting tika on their forehead is a sin so, they can't celeberate any festival(cause there is a different version of tika for every festival) with their family members anymore which is just a sad thing. Tldr, I am not a religious guy and I do not condone the actions of those villagers in the video but, I do understand their motive.

  5. I always liked dreamworks more than disney and pixar ever since how to train your dragon.

  6. To compare high school to the horrors of war isn’t really acceptable. I understand that high school isn’t fun for lots of people and that some people are dealing with mental health due to bullying etc but war is far far worse

  7. After watching a quiet day on the western front I would choose highschool over wars on any day.

  8. I have the a lot of lucid dreams sometimes I am fighting wars but the most scariest one was that time when I cut my dick off and was running around hospitals trying to stitch it back. It's canon I wish I was making this shit up.

  9. Wait, you can do that?! Everyday I learn something new about this game I swear.

  10. True I pretty much know about a lot of things in the game but, I just learned today that drowned dont attack player during the day time if they arent touching a body of water.

  11. "I am standing on top of millions lives" is exactly that for me if u can tolerate bad animations (which i can) it has a good story. Damn I now I want to rewatch it lol.

  12. If u guys want to play with each other then make a multiplayer server(I am surprised many pe players dont use this). Step 1 : Go to

  13. Someone told me in the previous post a month ago that the kid gets ressurected by the god he is worshipping later in the movie.

  14. Kung fu hustle was a masterpiece and Stephen Chow was a genius

  15. insert that one copypasta of not being able to fuck sharks

  16. 100 percent UK just the groung zero of contagion excluding Scotland, Ireland, and Wales.

  17. OP I hope you grow out of your edgy teen phase and not think everything is “cringe”

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