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  1. It tastes amazing! My trick. Is to pour a dram and taste it, then add a tiny bit of a whisky im thinking of including to my glass, if it tastes good I add that whisky to the bottle, that way I don't add something and ruin the bottle

  2. Preferred it to the 18 as well. I think I prefer the NAS Rioja to both as well

  3. When you have guests, you can always funnel the remainder back into the bottle

  4. I'd start with 10,then An Oa and then the 5,build up to the peat.... Enjoy!

  5. Yo gimme a good scotch to drink

  6. What do you like? Smokey, fruity, floral, sea salt.... Which combination?

  7. PC10, if Talisker 10 was also 50% abv then it may be a fair competition but PC10 is a bargain at T10 prices

  8. The 11.3 was the best modern octomore I've tried since the 8 range. I'd pay about 220 for it and consider it Msrp

  9. My 12 was a drain pour, so bland it was a chore to sip

  10. Old Pulteney independent bottling at cask strength aged in bourbon

  11. Ahhhh no, I checked and molotow and mtn are the only brands I can get locally

  12. Personally, even though I enjoy peat & sherry together, I don’t think I would seek a sherried Caol Ila. The balance of citrus, peat, & brine is what I want from it, and I’d be afraid the cask would take over the citrus. Maybe with a refill cask?

  13. You know, I was randomly looking at an online store just now and saw some IB sherried Caol Ila by The Red Cask Co that might interest you, plus they have their Distiller’s Edition if you want to go OB.

  14. Sounds great can you reply with whiskybase page? Easy to look for in my market from there. The weak abv on distillers edition really puts me off, I've gotten used to cask strength and lower than 46 ends up watery to my palate

  15. Lagavulin 16, Longrow, and Laphroaig.

  16. Have you tried kilkerran Heavily Peated? I find the same Smoked salted butter note I get in longrow in it, plus it is a lot more complex on top. The only other whisky I've found that buttery note in is octomore 07.3, which is my favourite Islay whisky, although in that one it becomes a smokey custardy cheesecake note

  17. I haven't tried Kilkerran. I've never actually seen it here in Canada. I have had the Octomore, and I rather liked it. I'd forgotten about that one.

  18. Highly recommend the ledaig rioja, its a steal at my local prices (10 cheaper than 10yo)

  19. Nice tags! But I prefer the N in the first one, the second one could work if the first two lines wernt so squashed. Dont forget to leave a not to the buffer to say thanks for the nice clean walls to play on ;P

  20. Also the lean on the R looks off with the A and O being so straight and rounded

  21. Same! I had the 12.1 and it’s still my #1.

  22. Ballechin SFTC Port. It'll be hard to track down but soooooooo worth it

  23. The loch gorm is a step up from the sanaig but they are both excellent. The sanaig is a bargain!

  24. Independent bottle of Staoisha, trust me its this or Laphroaig 10 Cask strength, those are the big peat bombs

  25. Not a huge fan of wine finishes generally, but definitely looking to try that Oloroso sherry matured one soon.

  26. One of the oloroso SFTCs was my whisky of the year last year

  27. Their sftc series is excellent. I Have a couple of their wine matured/finished distillery bottles on their way to me. Really worth checking out edradour's website (especially if you like old school Web site formating haha)

  28. On the single liner the lounge from the P looks like it turns out into an R is try and rework it a little

  29. Nice and clean man, nice straight letter. I'd work on your 3D a bit. Looks like it goes in a few different directions in some spots. Overall though looks good, keep it up and you'll be killing it in no time.

  30. Came to say the same, also if you are going to have 3 letters overlap I'd have the 4th letter overlap too so that it all feels together

  31. appreciate that. Im not at the point where I can drink it straight I like half scotch half water and some ice (I am definitely weird) it honestly tastes great with the ginger ale to me though I can believe that its considered a "bad" scotch since its legit the cheapest one which is why I bought it

  32. Drinking cheap scotch meat is hard even for scotch fans, it's the harsh grain alcohol which is causing the problem. Single malts don't have grain alcohol, just malt. Is recommend an entry Single Malt (those recommended by others here) and drink it with ice and water. The try and lower the amount of ice and water with every pour until you get to drinking neat. The only reason we recommend it neat is because the ice and water will hide details and subtle notes which you'll enjoy searching for as you get used to drinking whisky. If you try this and still can't get on with neat pours, just enjoy however you like!

  33. I find after a couple pours I lose the ability to taste the nuances and then drinking more would be a waste of good whisky

  34. All up to you, but I've had good fun comparing the two side by side, cab recommend opening a lil' sooner

  35. Same, it's fun to see how notes that were buried before get pushed to the front as the notes that are similar in both get dampened

  36. Ardbeg Uigeadail without doubt is deserving of all the accolades that gets showered on it. You'll be hard pressed to find such a great whisky that too at an affordable price. And what do I say about its availability that you all already don't know. Very dependable and reliable whisky. 👏

  37. Have you tried it's sibling Corryvrecken? It's just as good

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