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  1. Someone got soaked lol 😂

  2. My manager suggested this, but to feasibly do that takes, at least, coordination from 3 people, and those people need to keep up with their regular tasks, AND need to make sure we don’t have repeats, AND need to put whatever customer is around at the forefront of everything bc that’s Starbucks. I understand the idea, but having to also run breaks and re explain to each person what is happening as a shift as well as put whatever fire I had to put out every five minutes, well it was chaos and this suggestion DID NOT work at my store at least 🤡

  3. Trust me i know. I was you. And the receipts helped me not have bar duplicates. It was only me doing the coordination and i felt like i was a trader on the floor of the stock exchange. It was nuts but if one more customer put their phone in my face i was going to lose it lol

  4. Luckily it didn't last too long and most customers were pretty cool about it.

  5. Wait your SM was right there and they didn’t think of printing receipts?

  6. I lived through Thursday and then again today. I’m so done with this

  7. Yeah, the company is telling everyone "standards aren't optional". They think that the problem is that people aren't using systems like play builder and that's why the stores are fucked. "We spent all this money on this technology to make your jobs EASIER and that's why your shifts are hard". Like play builder, my daily, and CSR cards are gonna do fuck all when you're on a two-floor for four hours and it's busy.

  8. I hear you. Sorry to say I am a fan of play builder and flexing roles and routines I’m not a fan of needing an iPad to run a play. I can run 2,3,4,5,6 part coverage without logging in to play builder. I do have to use the tool to show my manager how to flex a play & use it. The problem is in training and consistency. I’m unclear how one SSV is doing it different than another SSV. Go Mode and other roles and routines not being executed is a killer to a peak. More DM’s is not going to fix this issue. It’s like adding more head coaches to a football team $$$$$$ spending in wrong area

  9. That's a great analogy. I'm sure all regions and stores are a little different and training here for the most part seems to be pretty good. I think play builder is a good tool, too. My main issue is that they cut labor so drastically for us that it doesn't make a difference when we're understaffed. There's a disconnect in our region where they think that the tools fix the problem and they just don't. If you give me all the tools to build a house and not enough materials then you're going to end up with a busted ass shack

  10. I wish we had people at my store willing to learn! Every time someone orders at the window and I’m on bar, I ask them to write a cup instead of yell all of the modifications at me … and they usually refuse to do that much at least

  11. That’s so annoying. All they have to do is copy the right rail when they type it in.

  12. It’s not like it’s really that hard either. For most things, it’s the first letter of every word in its name. Mocha is M, Latte is L, Iced Coffee is IC, Green Tea is GT, Vanilla Bean Frap is VBF, Coffee Frap is CF, Whip Crean is WC. There are some things that are different, but just doing that much can get you decently far, and the person on bar (assuming they know how to read cups) will be able to interpret it

  13. Exactly F with / threw it = no foam

  14. They are afraid we are “too woke” 😂 but our whole vision statement is a woke statement

  15. Wait yall get doordash ONTOP of ubereats or??? Thats a big hell to the no for me

  16. It rolls out today. Yes on top of Uber

  17. For us we have gotten like a minimum of 5x the daily deliveries since unrolling DD.

  18. Oh God, I would hate that. We truly will need an extra person just for delivery and I love that Starbucks says order more bags and more supplies for delivery because we plan on it being a big channel but no extra labor.

  19. You know, it’s a mess when Starbucks is already changing the name to cinnamon foam, because cinnamon dolce is in the foam and they’re approving a substitute syrup for cinnamon dolce in our weekly update, because there’s been a shortage of cinnamon dolce for three months

  20. The whole launch of this beverage has been a mess according to the recipe, it says two full dose pumps of cinnamon dolce in the foam, and 123 and four of cinnamon caramel in the cup with cinnamon dolce sprinkled on top. To me, it taste awful the foam would be better with one pump or two CVS pumps of cinnamon caramel in the foam and vanilla in the cup.

  21. i find it’s best in the foam on a cold brew :) other than that i don’t care for it

  22. So why does recipe call for CD in the cold foam and not 1 full dose of cinnamon caramel which taste better than CD

  23. Yes!! I don’t care what season but when your slammed it’s such a pleasure to get an iced chai

  24. you must work in a really big busy store huh lol

  25. What does that mean. I’m a 16yr partner and find it appalling when stores sell old coffee. Our inventory plans for a fresh batch every 30min. Yes i work at a busy store. We run go mode at peak and either the support, register, handoff or Bar2 makes the coffee. After 12pm we use the 30 min timer religiously. The flashing light on urns means it’s a HOUR old not 30 min. It will taste burnt if served with flashing light.

  26. I just say “OK” and walk away.

  27. That is one angry 😡 barista saying “it already comes with extra whip” now have some extra crunch topping too!!!

  28. “I wanna be your lover” 1979…. Saw him in concert in 1980 and that song made me a fan for life

  29. It’s already started. Did you read this week’s weekly update? It’s our fault we aren’t getting the pastries and labor we need because we’re not marking out our beverages and food appropriately. /s 🙄

  30. I’m on vacation in UK 🇬🇧 haven’t seen update yet. Starbucks is such a relaxing experience in the UK lol

  31. Have you ever ran the $$ on delivery?? It’s a joke it’s 2% of the day and a drain on operations. It distracts us from serving in cafe stores. The large orders +14items or even over 7 items happen during peak and customers are waiting while Bar person starts bagging up the drinks because it’s 3 part coverage. Then Bar falls behind. It’s a joke

  32. Gross did you look at particles in cup? What are they?

  33. If you do continue to go BRING A REUSABLE CUP for 25 stars. I believe this increase is a direct result of how easy it was to get free coffee and tea which was bumped to 100 stars from 50. At least by using a cup you get one free drink a week

  34. Starbucks is a bank!!! They love selling gift cards and ironically in our district most stores did not order enough cards to meet the demand. Mgr was pumping our raises and my reply was this will not solve the labor problems it will only make them worse. Cut labor and work us harder!! I hate hearing the works “we should be grateful i made less when i was a shift” so did I but this is a whole different landscape after CoVid, mobiles and Uber. Give us unlimited sick pay and increase % of earning vacation time!!!

  35. so you pay $2 a day for a grande pike right. 2x30 = $60. so i guess you get the cup for $10? it’s not that great of a deal

  36. Our coffee in Il is 3.54 haven’t seen $2 in years

  37. Wow haven’t seen that price in YEARS I’m assuming that is a tall pike. These cups are grande or. Venti can’t remember the ounce

  38. How the fuck are y’all getting so much tips? I live near a school and take home 22 max on 35 hours in cash tips

  39. Look at your pay stub under credit card tips

  40. Same dude! Drives me nuts! They don’t understand sequencing or have ADD. Why can’t their brain stay focused on their role and routine

  41. You can’t fix stupid. This is why i hate UBER delivery

  42. You must work in a warm weather state no way is this outside DTO happening in colder climates

  43. Outside drive through. It's already below freezing and in my state it gets colder than Mars on the regular. Hot coffee would freeze within min. So this wouldn't fly

  44. Can’t imagine where you live that is colder than Mars. Antarctic? Alaska? Minnesota? Lol

  45. Yup so we told her we can’t make it and she persisted.

  46. I guess we are all confused because without cup saying no lemonade we assume steamed lemonade is in there. Y’all went above and beyond i would have handed her two tea bags in a packet with two packets of honey.

  47. This changed like 3yrs ago lol

  48. Y'all threw Toddys away? That's craaazzyyy. Always have to have a plan B. We got two sitting above our fridges on racks

  49. I wouldn’t have, my manager did saying the DM said she had to. It’s crazy. I’ve needed it to drain grounds at least twice

  50. Wow that all sounds disgusting! Lots of things to wash and when not washed properly people get sick. They are trying to eliminate people from process. They are unable to manage roles and routines to make drinks right so they replace it with machinery. To me we are in midst of being sold to another company.

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