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  1. Uh. Claudio is not only a better wrestler but he’s a much bigger name and more over than Buddy. This ain’t an indy. At this point in his career, Buddy is a relative nobody in the big picture of the wrestling world.

  2. Lol. You know Hunner doesn’t run the entire company right? Head of creative and talent relations doesn’t make this call. And furthermore what makes you think Hunner is morally opposed to something like this? He’s wrestled on multiple Saudi shows.

  3. Uh. Isn’t the roster already bloated without Hunner bringing more new shiny toys back?

  4. Not stating this as fact but just want to make sure, wasn't the entire plan for Takeshita that he'd be on excursion for a year, and DDT just has multiple major shows in a row coming up? It makes sense that he'd head back to DDT for now because right now he's more popular than ever and they'd want to bring in what could potentially be their largest American audience.

  5. Uh. My dude. This is from an official DDT account…

  6. I feel like this is like when Punk was clearly returning to wrestling(obviously a much smaller scale).

  7. Wrestling fans have brain rot and think everything is a swerve

  8. i personally think its too soon for omega and i think they kinda slow played the page reunion. it shoulda felt like a more bigger/important moment, but they kinda eased off from it.

  9. How is it booking themselves in a corner? They’ve booked themselves into… Kenny’s return. That’s always been the plan for this.

  10. A TV-MA wrestling promotion would be incredibly niche and thus not financially viable

  11. That whole thing was weird and I'm not sure how it started. It's stated that they had sexual relations in 1994, with a 14 year-old Stephanie McMahon, the same year Savage left WWF. The problem? She was 18 in 1994!

  12. I think it was Macho who held the grudge. Vince wanted to essentially retire him because he was “too old” but Macho felt (and proved in WCW) that he still had more to give. That deeply offended Macho and he never forgave Vince.

  13. It's hilarious to me that people on this sub usually can accept the young lion's system that literally makes them eat pins for around 5 years but they can't accept that on another japanese promotions there are wrestlers just 4 years into their careers without a big win. Get over it, that's just how the long term Japanese storytelling usually works and they won't pull the trigger in the rookies too early unless is a very urgent case like Ice Ribbon or Dragon Gate where they pretty much lost all they established stars in a short ammount of time.

  14. Western fans really need to stop viewing Japanese wrestling through a Western lens.

  15. Sammy Guevara made out with Tay Conti

  16. Yeah so knowing it is going to be Kenny isn’t making me any less effing hype. Fucking hell yes

  17. Cardona is one guy that probably would have done better coming back with Vince still there. Vince loves when guys leave and make a big deal of themselves. Hunner really had a problem with Cardona getting himself over back in the day and I suspect thinks his current act is like below him or something too

  18. I think your overestimating how over he actually is , yes he far off better than when he came in but he isn't that hottest free agent level of a draw.

  19. No I agree with that. Which is more reason Hunner probably isn’t going to be excited about bringing him in. Doesn’t seem like there’s a fit for him to go back there IMO

  20. Oh you mean when they tried really hard to make him into Daniel Bryan without any of the build up?

  21. Maybe the worst example of TNA blatantly just emulating what WWE was doing rather than trying to come up with their own shit

  22. Rosters already getting bloated, maybe he should focus on pushing the people already there.

  23. Stuff like this is one of the things that make me laugh about how people obsess so much over the ratings. It’s acknowledged that something completely unrelated tonthe wrestling show, like the lead in, can affect the numbers. Obviously so can whatever else the wrestling show is competing with on that particular night. Why in the world people try to draw conclusions based on one week, I will never understand wasting so much time and energy discussing that.

  24. Sounds like a Vince Russo idea.

  25. No shit. I have no idea why Meltzer floated the idea of WWE signing Takeshita other than he knew it would be controversial on the internet. Takeshita is already probably under some kind of agreement with AEW anyway and it would be unusual for a Japanese wrestler to spurn the promotions that have been giving him opportunities like he’s getting currently.

  26. He never said that WWE was looking for Takeshita. All he said was that WWE is looking for a Japanese talent and Takeshita checks all the boxes they are looking for.

  27. I get that, but what’s the point of even mentioning Takeshita when he’s already AEW aligned and widely expected to continue working with them, if not fully sign with them. It seems like pointless speculation only meant to rattle people into a frenzy who don’t want to see him go to WWE or vice versa. It’s one thing if he was a free agent or indicated he wants to be a free agent but he’s under contract and already being featured in AEW now.

  28. If you’re paying PPV price for an event or buying tickets to be there live it better be more thab 4-5 matches.

  29. Wasn’t WWE trying to bring in the Elite before AEW formed? I am pretty sure Hunner was actively recruiting all of them. I am sure he would have pushed hard for Cody. Frankly, Hunner’s most effective booking move is to bring in a big name that will popnthe crowd huge and create excitement for a while. That was basically the main thing that drove NXT’s early success and big returns again seems to be the biggest ace up his sleeve now

  30. Dude Sammy was like three cycles ago. We’re on Moxley bleeds too much now.

  31. The women’s division has been making steady progress from day one. It’s not where anyone wants it to be but it’s become a meme at this point the way people trash absolutely everything about it at every opportunity.

  32. Taz has a great dynamic with basically everybody.

  33. NXT booking was very formulaic and nothing revolutionary so not sure what is surprising here. Hunner’s booking in general is very basic, it just stands out more in comparison to Vince’s incompetent booking and was further propped up in early NXT by the roster continually being turned over with hot debuts. The question will be how long this drives wrestling fan interest when he doesn’t have a stream of fired ex-NXT wrestlers to bring back, and there is an alternative already providing this type of wrestling product.

  34. More just a weird take. There have been plenty of worked shoot promos that aren’t highly regarded, and Punk has shown countless times that he can cut a fantastic “in character” promo so not really sure what the point of this take is more than anything. It’s pretty clear the pipe bomb is famous for more than just breaking the fourth wall.

  35. Yea but WCW 99- 2000 which was also trying to be a bad imitation of WWF

  36. “ Constantly pushing has been and never was talents in the main event scene and giving them the spotlight over the talent that made TNA fresh and unique compared to WWE.”

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