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  1. I have over twenty SAKs in my collection, but I keep ending up with these two. I've been switching back and forth for the past few days to see if one of them really fits my needs more.

  2. I think, to a certain extent, it does have to do with "right to repair".

  3. Laser jammer and radar detector. Buying a cheap one isn’t going to save you from anything. If you’re gonna spend the money to avoid speeding tickets, you gotta do it right. Otherwise don’t get them

  4. You don’t need an iCloud account to setup an iPhone, but you need to connect to apple servers to activate the phone

  5. You're activating iOS to run on the device. The phone service is activated by its carrier.

  6. Although the new Swisstool Spirit MX with clip should be considered. Just doesn’t come in black yet I don’t think. Matter of fact, forget my black suggestion. That’s just my preference. You can get the new MX at DLT for $145.99.

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