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  1. At Silverstar in Barrie a stripper took my bottle of beer off of perv row and started to masturbate with it, then she looked at me like I was going to think that was real sexy. It wasn't. I was going to demand a new beer, but then I remembered I was drinking under age so I just shut my mouth and ordered a new one.

  2. The first time I ever witnessed a stripper pick up a $5 from a patrons mouth with her coochie was at Silverstars. Same night saw another take a tumble down the stairs at the back exit, she was a bloody mess.

  3. Best advice is to eat something before, something greasy like a burger, also be alert, drinking an energy drink before helps as the pain will be worst if you feel tired. Bring plenty of water to stay hydrated. Also, chewing gum helps.

  4. Had Hakka House for the first time the other week, great noodle and rice dishes.

  5. I cannot wait to start a game as the Sikhs of Brampton. No longer shall our city be disrespected.

  6. That one Sikh province in Ontario, must be Brampton.

  7. Probably, but the question was which skyscraper was my least favorite, so cookie cutter condos. I actually lived in this neighborhood for 5 years (the little highrise on the very left), so I'm just going based on experience.

  8. I wonder how much the new Gehry towers in Toronto will resemble this build form, asides from them being taller.

  9. Paywall but if this is a 3-5 storey multiplex upzone of the WHOLE province, it might be one of the few things Ford has actually done right (outside of the Ontario Line I guess, which was an upgrade on the DRL South).

  10. Precisely, we need multiplexes not just in Toronto, but in communities like Orilla, Barrie, Peterborough, London and so forth.

  11. Lol honestly how is the bayfield mall even surviving? Now that the pharmacy is leaving the bowlerama, service ontario, Canadian tire, dollar store also the gym too I guess are probably the few reasons why its still around

  12. Absolutely, you are still young and might never get an opportunity like this again. Toronto will always be here if you decide to come back.

  13. Dnd for beginners at CW Coops downtown this Sunday! Barrie also has like 3-4 great hobby stores for wargaming, boardgaming and dnd.

  14. Bitcoin price, best stocks of the last 25 years, and if the Toronto Maple Leafs ever made it past the first round.

  15. The next fallout game should be set in Toronto

  16. Play as Danny starting out in Slavers Bay, conquer Astapor Yunkai and Meereen.

  17. Ontario Line has been outsourced to Japanese and European consultants. I think it'll be different.

  18. Also the OL is being broken up into 3 smaller contracts, more manageable contracts, instead of one large one like Crosstown.

  19. Why would it have such a low population? Modern day Argentina has a pop of 45 million.

  20. True it should be higher but not all of argentinas population lives there alot of there population lives in the north where Rio de la Plata is

  21. Interesting, and historical Anglo nation's birth rates have been lower than their Hispanic counterparts in the Americas, but that could be more due to economic factors.

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