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  1. sips on tea awaiting the dawn of nuclear fusion


  3. So the blades are hard to recycle. They end up being ground up and used to make concrete. Production of concrete produceces 6%-8% of CO2 emissions. I don't know how much greener wind power is but wind energy is supposed to climb 6% annually. With countries now going through 14,000 blades every year that's either alot of waste or a lot of emissions via concrete.

  4. Still a wind turbine should last 20 years, emitting no emissions while a gas or oil plant lasting the same would be…. A lot more.


  6. Don’t get me started on the Picts!

  7. In home country, growing up in filth, Lubchenko dreams to play U.S.A. football.On my father's deathbed, he made me promise-

  8. Mr Krabs would drive a 1988 Nissan pickup that has never had any work done


  10. I haven’t seen that comic Rejected since twenty out four

  11. If Musk buys Reddit ill tie an onion to my belt!

  12. SpongeBob I ain’t paying yer fer bleeding!

  13. What if they wanted their steak cooked any way besides medium rare?

  14. SpongeBob fell on a bottle of ketchup!

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