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  1. You can check out Ripped Body. He answers all your question to your thread title.

  2. I’ve been following Ripped Body and all pretty solid information. It’s like the dummy’s guide to body building. Has a macro calculator and talks about diet. It’s totally worth to check it out.

  3. Thank you so much. That was very helpful. I've played lots of sports at a fairly decent level. For some reason the whole hip open versus closed thing terminology confuses me, go figure. But more hip rotation, makes sense. Thanks for the idea of that coach, will check it out

  4. 1st you need to set up correctly.

  5. Can you clarify your 3rd point of the setup. I've got the ball at my left hip. My head tilts right over my right leg and that drops my right shoulder down. Right foot is just behind left foot and turned to the right, towards the gutter or next lane. Then....I can't quite follow. Turn my face to the target line? Turn my right foot towards it? You said this is open hips. I get open hips when my right foot is turned to the right. So I keep it facing right during the beginning of my approach?

  6. Sorry typo…. Turn your hips to face your target line. If you want to throw the right turn to the right.

  7. I would check out Kegel Training Center You tube 3 point target system. This will clearly help you out.

  8. All honestly no need to slide. You slide enough, and your hop is enough.

  9. I'm trying to learn how to slide because I heard not sliding puts a huge load into your knees also it's a 4 step approach

  10. Watch more Kyle Troupe tournaments. He has a low back swing. He doesn’t lean like the others and uses his legs. He slides more than the others and he slides more than the others. Also, his back swing isn’t shoulder height.

  11. It’s all in the set up. Your body isn’t open at all to let the ball right. So your body tells you need to throw it.

  12. IDK if it’s me or not. I’ve always done better on new pins when I go high. It’s common to leave pocket 10s and half 10s. I just make a small adjustment maybe 1 board right to purposely to go high trying to leave 4 or 7 pins.

  13. That makes the game great and even admire the pros more.

  14. Thumbs up. That’s pretty awesome!

  15. Yes…. Just talk to PSO problems and concerns. Have your bowling balls with you. Discuss which ball and fit you like best.

  16. HS bowler should have enough strength and speed from over booking. I does sound like it’s in the technique fundamental problems that needs adjusting.

  17. I appreciate and thank you for your advices. I just have to keep putting in work.

  18. You know what, I actually haven’t looked down at the foul line at all. I have been looking at the arrows. Such a simple thing to help me especially since I need to release by my ankle and I haven’t even done it once. Dun-da-duh. I will be doing this now during my drills. Thanks again!

  19. Just work at that and back up drill. Do some additional research on Joe Slowinski. Also, Kegal Center on YouTube have good bowling tips. Slowinski used to coach at the Kegel Center and coached all over the world. His todays modern game coach.

  20. Hey man…. It actually looks pretty good like that. There is no problem having a bent elbow at the top of the swing. The top pros all have some kind of bent elbow. It’s where they get there ball speed an power from.

  21. Appreciate the feedback brother. I'm actually on the way to the proshop to pick up my refit bowling balls. This is definitely going to have a lot to do with how I approach the game from here on

  22. Improve your set up by dropping your shoulder a your set up. Your head should be outside your right leg. It will help improve your ball speed and rotation.

  23. Sounds like it’s time to get out of the kindergarten system. Move into a real school or an international school.

  24. Even when you do 5 steps need to focus heel to toe.

  25. Yes I fixed it. It wasn’t easy to do it. I had to register through Tencent and it wasn’t easy. Everything was in Chinese.

  26. I'd say a wedding planner or travel agent can be helpful. Mostly because they can contact the venues/hotels and follow up, if you don't have the time. Some of them also have relationships with certain hotels/venues and they might get quicker responses or deals. I'm doing a destination wedding in Mexico and used a travel agent. It was nice not having that as a worry. I've seen other brides have success with doing it on their own but some brides are waiting weeks to hear back. Most of this is in the Caribbean though, so not sure if Thailand would be different. Also for me the travel agent was free and they get paid based on commissions from the hotel.

  27. You can certainly start info gathering by contacting the hotels directly- usually venues/hotels will provide a quote for free. I've never been to Thailand so I can't really help with specifics but I've found

  28. And that was changed in 2020 to indicate that balance holes are now not allowed. If there is a hole in the ball then there must be a finger or thumb in the hole during delivery. And yes, when no thumb hole, an index mark for the center of the palm must be etched into the ball. This is to disallow advantage of being able to change ball angle by simply positioning where the palm is oriented. A thumb hole does not allow to palm to be shifted so that change is to make it an even experience. But, I have no clue how anyone is supposed to know if a non-thumb hole bowler shifted their palm placement without slow motion video...

  29. You can totally change the ball angle and axis os rotation by sliding your palm position left or right in a 2-finger grip. It's not as easy for a 2-finger plus thumb grip. With the thumb in theanipulations are more complicated ad involve variations in as far under the ball you place your hand and whether or not you move your hand inside or outside. Takes way more skill than simply sliding your palm position over and keeping everything else the same.

  30. Still shouldn’t limited the balance hole. I actually believe the rule change benefits 2 handers more than traditional.

  31. My guess check out a doctor 1st to make sure something isn’t serious.

  32. I probably occasionally do squeeze my ball too hard, I started the league year with a ball not drilled for me. I fixed that issue but I had to grip the old ball and need to break the habit.

  33. I have friend back home was also homeschooled. He lived in a bowling center. Haha.

  34. Since your a 4 step approach.

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