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Dez Bryant on Twitter…? 🙀👀

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  1. by chance did you also try the Edberg 86?

  2. do you know what else edberg wore besides the torsion comp, lendl competition, and the edberg 86s?

  3. what tips? the orange parts are custom right? look heaps better than all the default colorways (which IMO are boring af)

  4. so did you ever end up finding out the name 5 years later?

  5. As a cowboy fan I love dez. Also I work with a guy who drives back and forth from lufkin every weekend (because that’s where his house is) who is lifetime family friends with dez and his family. It’s cool because he has pictures and shit of family reunions/ other things while growing up and dez is always there. He says nothing but positive things about dez’s character and how great of a guy he is. It’s a shame when he came in the the league they dragged his name through the mud with all kinds of bullshit. Couldn’t be happier to have him as a fellow ape.

  6. UPDATE: I sent my friend this photo and she said she can take it out (she used to work at a phone repair store). She had these tweezers but they were for like phone building so the tip was very sharp and thin. Literally after 10 seconds it was out.

  7. would she have done this for free if she was not your friend?

  8. Yes, I had this happen multiple times after as well and I went to a local phone store and they just took it in 3 seconds and I said thank you, I tried to pay but they said it was nothing

  9. Thank you for the reply man. Obviously as you can predict, I have this problem now.

  10. I'm in Toronto and I volunteer at a food bank so I eat enough, and often get sick from it, but coffee is an appetite suppressant and works well on the days I have nothing. But thank you

  11. this is a kabillion times more important that money dude. good stuff!

  12. 9.5/10 would be a 10/10 but it is clearly missing eye of newt soo ya /s

  13. Normal in what sense? All soaps smell different, but the smell shouldn’t linger on the skin much after use. If it does that means it isn’t rinsing all the way off. Depending where you bought they actually may let you exchange it if you say it is making you nauseous. I’d recommend the brand “One with nature” (on Amazon and in Whole Foods/Sprouts/Some Vons) , the “lemongrass” (or whatever they call the lemon scent) is amazing if you want a nice smelling soap. They also sell charcoal, Dead Sea mud, volcanic, etc soaps which I use most but those definitely smell a little ashy. OWN soaps are also palm base- you could also try Dr. Bronner’s soap for something non-palm.

  14. oh no the smell is only about 5 to 10 seconds.

  15. I think I had one Amazon package come late because they caught the delivery mistake, similar street address, different city. The people called Amazon who had a driver pick it up and bring it to us.

  16. But this is not relevant to the question being asked though

  17. I feel that it is relevant. The OP asked who is on the hook for the package not being delivered. The company took the hit. The OP bought something that didn't arrive, and they got a refund. In my case (cases) the company took responsibility for the missing package by tracking it down and having someone re-deliver it to my address a few hours late. I would have expected a refund if it got lost between them and getting to me.

  18. Commenting for visibility

  19. You could put a note in special instructions. I'm sure they use gps. You could type in the full street address, e.g. 123 Monroe AVENUE. If it just says 123 Monroe, the gps will take them to the nearest place.


  21. I have PM's off as an anti-troll measure. Being the mod of a sub for primarily poor people will do that. I'll PM you.

  22. Wisdom I have plenty. Patience I have none.

  23. just wanted to say that any parent would be happy to have kids that treat their own siblings with this much effort and thought

  24. did this eventually get fixed? If yes, how? and what was their explanation?

  25. It’s a letter that keeps being sent out in error I don’t understand why it’s not being fixed because when it happens people freak out obvisouly.

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