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  1. The Incredibles really broke new grounds and revolutionized Pixar and Disney

  2. Mulan mom too, as I said, there are a handful of cases, but they don't really get much screentime even when it happens

  3. It's his story he can do what ever he wants. He wants to do it his way your just selfish.

  4. well, now he literally can't do it anymore

  5. Congress seems fond of ignoring precedents from 2, 5, 10 and 50 years ago in favour of random stuff that happened in Britain in the middle ages.

  6. And this is exactly what the Supreme Court is supposed to not do. They are supposed to hold up precedent unless that precedent was wrong. This court will go down as the same type that fucked over black people with the Dred Scott case.

  7. well, conservatives have achieved their goal: going back to the 1850s

  8. That only makes it harder for me to understand why politicians are taking such an irrational stance on this

  9. the vast, vast majority of voters care about only 1 or 2 issues, usually stuff that directly affects them

  10. reminder that the overwhelming majority of democrats like joe biden, bernie sanders, and aoc simultaneously-instantly killing every internet activist in the process

  11. isn't biden approval fairly low? below 40%? I don't know how that data is collected tho

  12. they did, actually. they try to press the issue, they had a whole investigation, and more cases have been brought at state level

  13. lol that's a thumb up, not an anime pic

  14. Finally someone acknowledges that these two dudes are grown ass men beating up kids lol, also how the fuck is Takemitchi going to beat "dark Impulses" Mickey!?!?

  15. forget dark impulses, the real villain is midlife crisis. bunch of people in their 30s playing gangsters and beating up kids

  16. maybe? I thought the first gen guys were a bit older

  17. If you're a human trafficker, i doubt making abortions illegal is gonna bother you

  18. Idk, a lot of people seem terrified of trans people entering their bathrooms

  19. I don't know why people keep saying ippo is retired as if that means he's a couch potato now. sure, he hasn't fought in a while, but he trains every minute of every day, and all time that isn't spent training is spent studying matches, watching other fighters and training them.

  20. That’s very abnormal for retired athletes to maintain the same workout menu let alone increase it. The strenuous training that athletes do is part of what wears away at your body so most retired athletes try to lighten that burden. Especially if your retirement because of an injury or because your body is failing.

  21. ok but they can see he's been doing it, he's not exactly hiding it

  22. Everybody that dies was just about to release a bombshell report that would have destroyed the dems

  23. But don't confuse it with a demitasse spoon or an egg spoon, technically they're all different sizes

  24. Being mean to Kim would seriously test my willpower. I'm not confident I could follow through.

  25. there are enough skill checks in the game that you can bring your fascism to the max without being mean to Kim, I think. You just do all the ones that don't involve him directly, but he's still silently judging you.

  26. So how does this work for Indestructible creatures? Can you just end up with a creature that has negative toughness alive on the field?

  27. Even though Arena lowers the creature's toughness from damage, that doesn't actually happen in the rules, it's just visual shorthand.

  28. well that seems very unintuitive, with this new mechanic.

  29. I like finding old bad cards that most players have never seen

  30. Nobody will know you're sexist unless you start insulting people tho

  31. Which wouldn't work at all except that the Dems actively

  32. literally all of those things have a simple problem, his name is Manchin

  33. You got any other source that isn't an opinion piece written by an outspoken Trump supporter on a Rupert Murdoch Newspaper?

  34. Because it's a slice of life comedy with a relatable cute dragon jk MC, which plays into supernatural Japanese mythos and has themes of growing up and grappling with adolescent identity. Its art style is also visually appealing and easy to follow, the pacing of these intro chapters is good and has enough intrigue to keep the target demographic hooked, and the story is simple and not just another battle shounen with a male MC.

  35. I think people are underselling how good it actually is

  36. This sadly means that the product overload will be all the more pronounced when they hit the market. October 7th is already the release date for Unfinity, so now on that date the following products release:

  37. but for the secret lairs, that's juts when you can order them, isn't it? that's not really a release

  38. I really love [[slip out the back]], it may just be my favourite card from the set right now

  39. As I understand it, her testimony can't get any victims' abusers convicted. The abuse victims have to come forward and press charges, which is a monumental thing to do. For example, Maxwell couldn't be in charge of getting Prince Andrew charged with sex crimes, it took Virginia Giuffre to start the legal process herself.

  40. Conspos are right that, if this trial didn't involve some of the most powerful and wealthy people in the world, we would have seen a lot more arrests

  41. Wait, so they have the money, they just aren't allowed to pay it because Rubles are disallowed? Big difference between "Can't send money due to regs" vs "Can't send money because they don't have it"

  42. it is, but it also isn't in some ways

  43. Its not even close to what Cars 2 was in the context of the previous pixar performances.

  44. just a reminder that Cars made a fuckton of money and is one of the most profitable of all the Pixar IPs

  45. But... if their pizzagate/global pedophile ring was true...

  46. He asked for pineapple on his organs pizza

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