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  1. It’s different for everyone and depends on each persons body. I’ve known people who gave birth and never looked like they were pregnant and others who have showed at 2 months. For me my first I didn’t show but after that I show within 6 weeks. So it’s different for everyone. Are you planning to keep or are you just hoping you won’t show until procedure. If for procedure you should be good.

  2. Going to term in 2 weeks so hoping that my family doesn’t notice any bodily changes. Thank you for you reply.

  3. You will not look visibly pregnant for many many weeks. My first pregnancy I felt very pregnant but even at 20 weeks it just kind of looked like I had gained a little tummy weight. It varies a bit for different people, but trust, you are a loooong way away from showing.

  4. Try to work it into some sort of Satanic piece or a goat head.

  5. This must be how werewolves feel the morning after a full moon.

  6. Holy cow, out of all the shitty tattoos on this sub this one takes the cake. That looks like literal shit.

  7. England is going to clear the group with no losses. Iran will probably go on and beat the USMNT. It’s not the year. So much has to be done to this team to make it competitive in international play.

  8. Nah. The business doesn’t need CM Punk. Leave the character behind for once and move on. So many other workers better than him. So many other characters far more interesting. Let’s give spots to guys and gals who’s gimmick is more than I’m the head of the department of Chicago tourism.

  9. I think when the day comes for a mass extinction, apocalyptic event, WWE will host a mega event where it brings in all of the stars in the world of sports entertainment for one, one night only event.

  10. Heaven forbid they try to make a world changing political statement again.

  11. “The fans are everything for me and always stand behind me”

  12. When I get upset I don’t slap a stranger child’s phone out of his hands

  13. Mate you’re also not a billionaire athlete who’s constantly under the scrutiny of the public regardless of wether you do good or bad, constantly having unsolicited photos taken and “fans” running up to you for something 🤷🏿🤷🏿

  14. I’d like you to participate in a psychological study i’m conducting. I genuinely want to know how the mind of an absolute idiotic twat works, so you’re the perfect candidate

  15. Thank you thank you, I’d like to thank the academy, send me my award by mail or carrier pigeon 🕺🏿🕺🏿🕺🏿

  16. If you want it, get it. It looks like it’ll end up badass. Cultures are meant to be enjoyed and celebrated, regardless if its your culture or not. Enjoy artwork and get what you want.

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