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My boss fired me for listening to Rage Against The Machine

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  1. Dijalan raya harusnya angkot di replace sama bus, angkot tugasnya dijalan kecil buat jemput penumpang terus oper ke transportasi masal aja.

  2. cuma mindahin lokasi ngetemnya aja. intinya sih sistem setoran mesti diilangin. Selama masih ada sistem setoran, angkot will still ngetem

  3. I have a long haired cat. She and I are both very on top of her daily grooming. Her hair is straight so it rarely gets matted. I have had her 3 years and never had to go to a professional groomer. It really depends on the cat and how much effort you & the cat put into daily upkeep.

  4. My experience on cat self grooming is about earwax. My Baron's ears are always clean, while his brother Midi has earwax. I went to multiple vets, they all said that while Midi has earwax, its still normal and no signs of earmites or any issues. Just happens that Baron is a better at self grooming.

  5. How's the prospect of living in lampung ~ just learned they have the biggest pineapple plantation and also dairy farm or is it more like a private complex ? Cmiiw

  6. My buddies from Lampung keep telling me that Lampung is the Florida of Indonesia. The states got Florida man, Indonesia got Lampung man.

  7. Well meaning dragons hoard info because they don’t have time, or audience, for that documentation.

  8. Used to work with one of those evil dragons. He never documents, if he knows something it’ll be just him and his lackey. Yes, singular lackey. He’s not that good on the technical side. That’s what the lackey is for. Its not like he doesn’t have the time. 40% of his time is for smoke breaks. Of course he takes credits for other people’s work.

  9. Kalo kasusnya BCA, misal di awal apply 2 kartu (1 kartu BCA wajib, 1 lagi optional bebas pilih) bisa gak ya kalau kita cuma aktivasi dan pakai kartu optional nya aja? Saya gak begitu tertarik pakai kartu yg wajib ini soalnya.

  10. Bisa. I have several versions of BCA cards. Ada satu yang ga pernah gw aktifin

  11. BCA sama BNI coba aja bersamaan. Biasanya sih kartu pertama limit gak gede gede amat. Kalo emang payroll kan keliatan masuknya berapa dan stabil jadi bank lebih berani kasih. Kalo gua sih awalnya emang demennya BCA karena promo makanannya cocok. Tapi BCA sama mandiri biasanya limit gak gede gede amat.

  12. Gw dari dulu cuma pake BCA. One day, beberapa bulan setelah gw naik gaji, tiba2 mereka bilang “congrats, limit anda naik to x”, which was above my monthly pay. I said “no, don’t ever do that again unless I ask you to”. When I was finally comfortable with my financial state, I asked for a limit raise, malah didn’t get the amount that i wanted (which is about 40% of my salary)

  13. mereka yang pasangin, or did you just pick a random spot like at the front entrance of your house or at a pole in the middle of the field? sama proximitiynya dekat gak tuh sama jalan toll? soalnya prasangka gw yang bikin tangsel gede ya karena dikurung jalan toll empat sisi.

  14. Gw yang pasang. Taro di dinding depan rumah under a bit of a shade. 10km away from the nearest toll road. Jalan utama deket rumah gw 1km away. I’m on the outer edges of the map, almost kabupaten bogor. Sufficiently far away. But the AQ readings were worse than the BSD area. That screenshot you shared, I saw worse

  15. ini ga suka2 pasang juga sih, ada batas ketinggian juga sesuai standarnya mrk. lupa sih brp meter dari tanah. soalnya gw juga pasang sensor mereka di lt.2 rumah gw.

  16. Same. Saw wall of text. I'll bookmark this for the next time I'm cleaning out my old bookmarks.

  17. Suspected ADHD (planning to get diagnosed soon - I swear - soon). Read about half of it and decided to jump to comment section

  18. My humans speak portuguese, because I'm Brasilian, but you got a point

  19. I 20 years ago I played a click and point adventure game called The Longest Journey. They had a primitive creatures hanging around a campfire and talking to each other with Bahasa Indonesia. That was the reason why we got the game. Me and my friends loved it.

  20. Recently there was an article about how many Americans (really Californians) that are fleeing (California) or their bougie city that has become extremely unaffordable and are instead choosing to resettle in some low-income country like Mexico or LATAM or SE Asia. Since everyone is remotely working, it means basically everyone can work wherever they want. And apparently the locals who have to live next to them hate them because they’re driving up prices and bringing in all those Gringo values like wokeism and refusing to speak the local language and cultural imperialism displacing their own local community for Starbucks and avocado toast.

  21. Bali is full of foreigners working remotely and pissing up the locals with their antics. One American was kicked out of the country a couple of years ago because of visa violation (on tourist visa while bragging that they’re working remotely). Then they screamed that Indonesia is racist cos they’re black. If they could’ve shut up and not brag, they won’t get kicked out.

  22. Aku pernah jadi penerjemah buat suatu universiti prancis yg touring indonesia buat promosi dan cari mahasiswa, mereka bener2 menekankan "udah daftar aja, masalah biaya bisa minta LPDP." Ternyata di uni tsb hampir semua mahasiswa indo adalah LPDP awardee.

  23. huh... should have written that when I tried for scholarships back then. Kamu mo bayar pake apa? LPDP pak!

  24. I do want to punch people, but I have neither the armstrength nor the lawyers to do so.

  25. Maybe add a brass knuckle, then you'll only need to sort out the lawyer stuff.

  26. Rencana anda sangat pintar dan jahat sekali... Saya suka

  27. yeah, i'd say slow down satan, but dude's already made it option 3...

  28. Do we need to artificially fabricate a new one?

  29. well they keep trying to bring back the old enemy (communists) as the numero uno boogeyman. Don't think it worked much.

  30. I hadn't really heard of fillipinos joining in the us military is foreign recruitment common in the us? we in the uk have people from Nepal legendary "gurkhas" join, British Commonwealth nations like South Africa, Australia and Canada join, and lastly people from the Republic of Ireland due historic link in many irish regiments as uk used to rule Ireland before its independence.

  31. as long as you have a permanent residence (green card), foreigners can join the US military. But I'm not sure if there's a special case for Filipino

  32. I prefer rain too. My concern is my laundry. Kalau bisa ujannya pas cucian gw dah kering

  33. Gw lagi jemur baju dan dadakan mesti nganter kucing ke vet. Ketar ketir bakal ujan neh

  34. Simpen bokep ratusan giga di ssd, sultan bener

  35. Buyer yang lebih smart simpen bokep di OneDrive bawaan office subscription. 1TB

  36. Time to buy the definitive edition then. They remade the game with better graphics and the DLCs has more cultures and campaigns

  37. They have a restaurant, but all the kitchen staff quit since this place is a sinking ship. The ceiling has collapsed three times, once on kids in bed, the elevator constantly gets stuck, and the working conditions are just trashy. They advertised this job as a part-time job, but because they are so understaffed I'm working 5 days a week.

  38. geez op, hope you get to bail out and find a better place soon

  39. Yeah, the bosses aren't exactly good with English. The owner is Indian and so are most of the employees

  40. Our now closed Saudi office had a company wide mail sent out saying that employees must have their breakfast at home and not at the office. While no official reason was published, we figured the reason was a lot of staffs would go on a one hour breakfast at around 9-10AM. Then they'll also be out of office for lunch but still leave on time.

  41. I used to work in a 24/7 service center. We work 15 days/month, 12 hours a day. We usually have 3-4 consecutive working days then off for a couple of days. It was great as I get a lot of day offs and avoid Monday traffic. The downside was weekend work. Don't get to spend much time with friends and they gave up asking me to hangout.

  42. Repost karena ada angka yang salah. Jumlah kejahatan sama total kasusnya itu ga sama, ga tau kenapa di sumbernya begitu, kemungkinan karena perjudian tahun 2020 ga dibreakdown sama BPSnya, malah cuma ada angka tahun 2018. Tapi kalau pakai angka tahun 2018, maka Sumut juara ke-1 juga soal perjudian.

  43. Ada data lampung ga? Temen2 sering bilang Lampung parah dan dikenal sebagai exportir begal

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