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  1. Anyone know where I can get a nice titanium silver men’s ring so not like a wedding band? I’m on the hunt for one atm

  2. Im a big fan of the green they released. Looks very lux in person - managed to pop into the samsung store for a quick look today. But as I have a S22 ultra, it's not really worth the upgrade for me.

  3. ah wow yeah the green and cream looked good. Battery life is number 1 for me too, I do also like the pixel phone

  4. Wow how much was it? what’s the battery like?

  5. Tribalism. Who cares if it’s AEW or WWE. Just let people enjoy what they want.

  6. I think what’s worse is the accounts dedicated to hating WWE and AEW they are the absolute worse

  7. I just don’t like hot potatoing of the title that’s all, great match overall

  8. Swear this has been posted like 3-4 times

  9. Today has not been the best day, my grandfather passed away unfortunately but I always will remember the good times I had with him, I don’t feel any emotion at all, idk if that’s normal but I don’t feel anything it’s weird…

  10. There's no "normal" way to grieve.

  11. I felt a bit here and there but yeah there is no normal way 100%

  12. Man is the OHIO crowd ass or what? They sound so bad to me

  13. I like Beth’s comment of telling him go straight to Horny jail

  14. This is cinema I cried I laughed I was angry

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