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  1. I appreciate the recommendations!! Does anyone know approx how much it would cost to replace a battery ?

  2. I just had a battery replacement done at Voldi’s in Kozlov and it cost 16 bux.

  3. Not daily - but Metro does X Large 3 topping pizza for $10.99. Watch the flyer - it is in there often.

  4. Cops won’t do anything they don’t care about you.

  5. Dr Sharma on Huronia Road might be I’d try calling

  6. This needs to be reported to police and spca. Call Rob Cooper at Barrie CTV2 at 705-734-3300 and he’ll do some investigative journalism.

  7. Used Auto Trim Design and Sign on 2 vehicles.

  8. Was thinking of going there went to Chrystal’s by bendovers a few years ago but pretty pricey now that they’re more popular. Would you vouch for them? Are they reasonable ?

  9. Red Lobster hiring for kitchen staff, waiters, dish washer, you name it. They desperate and will hire you on the spot. You’re welcome G.

  10. I’m not sure why you’re getting downvoted either. You are correct. Maybe it’s because the majority of PCPs and dentists don’t understand that it’s inappropriate to send their patients to the ER for HTN. I’m not sure.

  11. Being downvoted for the simple reason she’s a NP 🥱

  12. Walk down Dunlop and try not to step on used needles.

  13. If you need to draw a bullseye on his head to show the area then I’d say it’s probably ok.

  14. Chiropractors require 4 years of intensive schooling which includes clinical training Vs 2 years of schooling for Physio therapists. You maybe taking a huge risk when allowing a Physio therapist to manipulate your neck and body who’s not had the extended training.

  15. For this type of injury you need Sports Med on Huronia.

  16. This sub goes bonkers whenever a King 👑 shows up lol. God save the King!

  17. This might sound bad , but hear me out. Pretty sure there's no laws against rat euthanasia, since rat traps exist. Go down to dunlop st and get that fentanyl crap. send him off yourself. He'll be sent off respectably , with a nice sleep. No one else has to be paid for the burden of doing it for you. You get to be with him 1 on 1 for it. a final bond.

  18. If you search Craigslist there is a guy that will do it for 50 bucks, no questions asked. May be an option ??

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