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  1. How’s that game going to help your putting?

  2. How was the sound out by you? Up in the nosebleeds section 231, we could barely hear the music.

  3. I was in 130 and the sound sucked the whole night

  4. That’s normal. Communication tends to drop between offer and starting. There’s nothing to discuss. You may get some emails asking you to complete some onboarding steps, that’s about it

  5. At least not across the street without being a fucking dick. This is exactly why I have a dash game so I hit you stupid fucks I don’t get charged.

  6. You don’t have shit, you don’t leave the basement. Also props for admitting you were actually wrong, didn’t think you would. Kudos.

  7. Take the job, continue your search, and just quit if you can’t do it. Next time dont look for jobs that are analytical in nature.

  8. It had its haters, but Billy Kidman’s SSP for me

  9. Noob question, how can one watch all of these A&E WWE productions without cable? Do I have to have a cable streaming service?

  10. Currently you can watch

  11. I agree. The names warriors, braves, chiefs and the ilk are not derogatory whatsoever ever. They are part of the tribe. Actual names of members of the tribe. This is fucking bullshit all around

  12. From Survivor Series, to Wrestlemania the following year, they got the epic push. They got wins over Cena, Orton, Team Hell No, Sheamus, Show, and a peak Ryback. They were set after those few months.

  13. Be sure to get Rey's "Cant wait to beat my kids!" case next

  14. I was alive for this but have no memory of any reaction I had. How big was this at the time?

  15. I was 11 and it was the single biggest thing to happen in my life up until that point.

  16. There's really no magic secret, local job boards and just knowing the right people to pull you in. Those jobs are pretty coveted.

  17. You know yourself better than any of us.

  18. Scissor me OP ✂️✂️✂️✂️✂️

  19. It’s cause Jericho would always yell at refs to ASK HIM!

  20. Lmao the more they commented, the worse it got

  21. The Angle Slam felt like people were kicking out of it constantly.

  22. Well I can definitely tell you the employer is not supposed to apply for you on your behalf. You're supposed to receive a packet in the mail to apply. The packet should also have instructions to do so online.

  23. Yes there are jealous people, but there are also dumb motherfuckers who think they have haters when they just ignorant.

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