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  1. Of the ones I’ve seen, despite its legendary soundtrack it has to be waves.

  2. Southpark finding a way to mock Rick & Morty like they did with Family guy!

  3. The show can and has worked without Randy. It can’t work without Cartman. Also Tegridy kinda made me dislike Randy.

  4. Right now it is Arrow for me. Their releases seem to be consistently packed with the sort of extras and commentaries that appeal to me. Their catalog matches a lot of my interests as well. (Also I just went region free last month, so their back catalog suddenly became very compelling).

  5. Agree with you saying arrow. They seem to be one of the best for the UK, and recently have really branches out what films they publish.

  6. Stay Frosty, Death Valley and most of the back end of American Beauty American Psycho

  7. Do you think you could fly to the USA and buy and resell enough prime to make your entire travel costs back in profit?

  8. In the UK it’s already gone from £70 to £55 which is a steal even at 70 imo, and as it’s an LE might be worth looking into that if you are British.

  9. Most likely this year at some point. No official announcement but they’ve been teasing stuff

  10. We will definitely get a single by the end of the year, but I think the album will have a 2024 release, just looking at how every past album since vessel had 3 years between it - although the new album has been in production for 5 years so who knows.

  11. Literally just Trench 2. No major changes in sound - I expect there will be a much darker sound, and more songs in the vein of jumpsuit, but I still want the same psychedelic, slick, beautiful thing as last time. Like innovation would be cool but I just want more trench.

  12. Reminds me of AB/AP meets Folie. Don’t know how I feel about it - not very consistent with LFTOS imo

  13. It’s kinds cool the white but the floating beads are annoying and the white doesn’t work for horror

  14. Curzon have always done great boxsets imo (Bong joon Ho, Kaurasmaki, etc) I think the reason they go under the radar a bit is a) They are only really prominent in the UK b) Their standard releases are kind of basic and the spines on standard ones are awful

  15. Cut my lip. It’s not absolutely hated but I’ve seen more negativity on that song than the rest of trench and I think it just sounds so nice.

  16. Great song, but I think most people think it’s one of the weakest in a trench hence the hate.

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