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  1. The meaning is pretty similar but the translation is not literal. Also, wth, why wouldn’t they allow it??

  2. The waist one could be Contact dermatitis from nickel allergy, probably from your belt. See if removing the belt makes a difference and putting it on brings the rash out.

  3. Second pic looks like HSV (a highly contagious virus) on your calves. In which case you would need to use an antiviral, acyclovir, or valacyclovir.

  4. They are plantar warts and are caused by HPV, so a virus. Have you been walking barefoot in public shared areas, esp. around locker rooms or smth? If they haven’t gone by themselves in a year, you should prob see a podiatrist.

  5. Hair rollers. Never used them but always intend to buy some for this specific look

  6. Is this look achieved with hair rollers? So no Dyson Airwrap or a curling wand? What size do you think this is? I really like this type of loose defined wave.

  7. NO. Imo your long hair looks much better. Short hair can be difficult to style and you will come to regret it, growing hair out can take a long time. Follow the long hair subreddit for more long hair inspo.

  8. Yup I’ve been here and this type of post comes up often in this subreddit. France is a tough place to make friends since people aren’t as open as in some other countries, and most friendship circles are rather exclusive and developed earlier on. I would suggest bumble bff mode. Definitely be careful if people from this subreddit invite you. I made a post just like this and all it did was get me in touch with creepy men. Be careful and hang in there. It’s tough but you will find your people.

  9. Omg can you share more? Did you end up meeting with them and they turned out weird (looking for a hookup or smth)? This is my fear about making this kind of posts, that it will only attract weirdos or even dangerous ppl. I just want to meet some normal ppl, dammit. 😭

  10. So beautiful! I love the design so much!

  11. Ive seen accounts called Zucc Markberg and Pepe Frog and Letsgo Brandon - all the dumbest most obvious fake and offensive names ever, reported them a million times for fake names and fake spam accounts - never seen one taken down once ever, FB just blithely msgs back "we decided not to take them down" EVERY single time...its a joke. Cant even fathom how it happened to you given the absolutely ludicrous names ive seen trolls get away with....

  12. Yeah, I know:( My account is authentic actually, I have my photos, family and friends as friends and my interactions are all authentic though I mostly post in these private groups now (and the groups are just about events in the city and healthcare mostly lol). My surname is botched (like say, from “Zuckerberg” I put “Zuck”) but I didn’t think that was a big deal, I didn’t want to be found when I opened this account. I wanted to keep a low profile.

  13. Someone really just report it manually, just be authentic on Facebook if you want not to get deactivated since these types of profiles are typically looked like spam accounts, that's pretty normal

  14. My profile is authentic! I just don’t post much on it except for in these groups. They flagged me as having multiple accounts but I don’t! I think they are flagging my partner’s and my parents’ accounts as mine since they are on my devices as well?

  15. Same happened to me yesterday also uploaded my id all lost

  16. Could you do anything in the end? This is so weird.

  17. They didn't reinstate your account even after uploading your ID? Wow, they suck

  18. Please be sure to follow all post lipo instructions to the tee. I saw someone in her 30’s with a stomach that looked like an 80 y/o and when asked what happened she said she got lipo and didn’t religiously follow the after care instructions.

  19. Wait, do you have a link? What happened?

  20. Strange world here. Their company dont value users n staff. N trust their system more. My WhatsApp was disabled too

  21. What the heck, why was your Whatsapp disabled?

  22. I hadn’t thought about the boundaries until now, specially about the case you mentioned that someone was muffled when they wanted to stop. So it should be good to have a nonverbal sign and, of course, the safe word. It makes me remember that I hate feeling like I can’t breath… Well, thank you for writing this! I’ll definitely think about all the things I wouldn’t want to do or the things I’d give a chance to perform

  23. Please do also consider how your imagination and sexual fantasies are informed by the type of books and media you consume. Are you reading books where women are always submissive and in (sexual) service to men? What if you switched it up a bit and consumed media which focus on women’s orgasm, cunnilingus, face sitting etc. just to subvert a bit the types of narratives you are getting exposure to?

  24. Wait, you are so damn right!! I do consume that type of books, and I do fantasize of being used as a sexual toy by men. I do think that the things I read and see affect my “preferences”. What would you recommend me to do? Sometimes I do fantasize of being in control and dominating someone (idk if that’s the correct way to say it bc English isn’t my first language haha), but those fantasies are less common when I masturbate.

  25. Frankly, for me it came gradually when I started consuming porn where men I was attracted to at that age (dark hair, muscular lol) gave a lot of head/oral sex to their girlfriends in vanilla passionate sex settings.

  26. Because of tiktok fads id return it or exchange it.

  27. Yeah, my first thought was "did someone open this already"?

  28. I think so. I am so weak that I can never open a jar on my own (I often use some spoon or smth to push right underneath the lid and break the vacuum seal). But this time I just opened it without any issue, wasn't even paying attention because I was sure I wouldn't be able to open it on my own.

  29. My AMH was 1.4 when I checked it, I'm 33. I've gotten pregnant 2/4 months trying this year. The first pregnancy was an ectopic, which has nothing to do with egg quality or reserve, and I'm currently 13 weeks pregnant. I had two cycles of trying in between (+ one we didn't try for as it was right after surgery). I don't know how I would respond to fertility treatment but my lowish AMH doesn't seem to impact my ability to get pregnant anyway.

  30. Thank you so much for sharing your experience! I'm glad it is not impacting your ability to get pregnant (and it helps ease my worries a bit). I wish you a safe pregnancy!

  31. Came here to say this! I’m 33 with DOR and an AMH of .08 and AFC of 5. RE said that I’d be a poor candidate for IVF, but it won’t impact chances of spontaneous conception.

  32. We are ttc! Just tried the natural way and see how it goes. Maybe we were naive and we needed a plan, idk. I was/am grieving rn the loss of someone important close to me and didn't think/research too much about this. But I experienced some spotting and random bleeding/anovulation recently and this rang some bells; this was also the reason for the ultrasound, these tests etc. I don't know my AFC yet, the ob/gyn didn't tell me. But my FSH seems ok? And my AMH is on the lower side, especially for my age? I feel like I was naive/negligent maybe and I need to start developing a plan.. I am sorry I am new to this and I'm trying to learn.

  33. Answer: Recently I have done my own extensive research into hormones after coming off oral birth control, my period going MIA and TTC so I completely hear you on the frustrations with trusting medical system and also wondering WTF is going on in there LOL so here is what I would suggest based upon my own research -

  34. Omg I am crying, thank you soooo much for this reply! This was so so helpful and well explained! Thank you!!! I just saved it! I can usually “feel” my ovulation, I have back pain and some other “PMS” mimicking symptoms. And yes, you are right, my ovulation happens around day 12-13 I think? I should probably be more disciplined with tracking it.

  35. I don’t have helpful information but just wanted to comment and say that I’ve had abnormal bleeding my last two cycles as well and was caring for my grandma who has cancer. My doctor ran blood tests (didn’t tell me when would be best to do so) and said they were all normal and just attributed it to stress from my grandma (and possibly the covid booster)? In any case, yeah, it’s really hard to determine what’s my period and thus when I’m ovulating — I can totally empathize with you!

  36. Thank you!! I hope you are doing better now! If not, hopefully we will get through this soon without major any complications! I didn’t even tell my doctor about that tbh, because I was scared she would dismiss me with “it’s just stress”. I am positive it’s not from the covid booster because I was already done with it last January.

  37. I think you should consider another opinion.

  38. Thank you very much for your reply! I plan on visiting a dermatologist that specializes in hair loss about the hair. But still, I found it weird that the gyno insisted that hormones cannot cause hair thinning, “only vitamin deficiencies can”.

  39. I feel like me unscrewing that and doing anything with it would prob increase the chances for a disaster tbh 🤣

  40. Normally you should use 1 outlet for 1 device but it's never a big deal in a household (unless you are using something like a heater, in that case you should definitely use 1 device per outlet).

  41. Thanks a lot for the reply! Very helpful! I don’t know what to do about the visible socket cable? Is it dangerous? I’m clueless about it. Should I just ditch this extension chord all together?

  42. It could invite young women into doing that instead of something much more productive and positive with their life

  43. Do you think sex work is glamorized in our culture? Has your opinion of men changed since you have been doing sex work?

  44. I’m surprised they sent you home without a diagnosis. The answer to your question is above my pay grade but I’d do what they said and see how you feel later.

  45. They do that if they think it’s due to a virus (so no antibiotics or any other medicine they can prescribe). I was told the same, wait it out for like 10 days and it will go away on its own. No real diagnosis no prescription, was just told to use Tylenol for fever and gargle with salt.

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