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  1. What’s the smell of artillery? Here we call it wolf pussy

  2. This is straight up bullying, also notice how they usually go after older people and always outnumber them? Cowards

  3. It's just a waste of needles, I use fixed 27g 1/2 inch so you can switch them anyway.

  4. I dont think it’s unsafe but for me at least i could definitely see a difference in PIP

  5. They didn't get that way naturally. They used enhancements

  6. It’s definitely possible to get their physique without peds

  7. Im actually disappointed in myself that i didnt notice that i read the names and everything

  8. Yea hopefully they can fish it out before it all leaks out

  9. everyone quit being being depressed in this thread and go make some gains

  10. Fr tho ima get some hate for this one but mother fuckers need to grab their balls, put an andrew tate podcast on and goto the gym until their depression is non existent

  11. Cool until it drops by a shit ton and then they cant buy a banana 😵

  12. Tripped 2 tabs of yesterday and hit legs was definitely an experience

  13. Hell yea, do you ever trip during a blast or just while cruising? I feel like it would be crazy to do it in the middle of a cycle/blast

  14. Isn't it like 70% of people have herpes or some other absurd number

  15. Yea i think its like 1 in every 3 people which scares the fuck outa me lol

  16. cutting rn tracking calories and everything. It’s taking everything in me to not just get the greasiest shit i can find in a drive thru and resume the bulk

  17. Will 100mg of HCG a week keep my balls full? I don’t need to be fertile

  18. Holy shit 100mgs? That’s gonna be expensive

  19. Same reddit usually shows me shit 18hrs after it’s been posted

  20. 1500 cals is pretty much nothing for someone on here unless you’re tiny or in prep. Also, that much Asin certainly isn’t doing you any favors with that small of a test dosage.. low e2 will make you feel like shit.

  21. So up the calories to about 2000 or more? Im 6ft and weigh about 225 if that makes a difference, probably around 23% body fat i just started taking the ai because i started getting high estrogen sides

  22. You should know how to track your calories and weight and determine your TDEE. And then stick to a sustainable deficit from there..

  23. Right, i just didnt want to half ass the cut and neither loose weight or gain a substantial amount of muscle. So if X number is what i need to stay at a body weight how much less should i consume to be at a good enough deficit? Mayoclinic’s calorie calculator says id need about 2700 calories to maintain so would 2000 be good?

  24. Ran into an old crush at Sam's Club fresh off of a chest workout at the end of my cycle. NGL felt really good to see her check me out.

  25. Maybe if you’ve only been to BJ’s. I take it you’ve never graced a Costco with your discerning presence?

  26. Costco and sams are basically the same right? Ive been in both but i got a membership at sams so i just go there

  27. Isn’t RSO not supposed to be smoked? I was under the assumption it was for topical/edible use

  28. You can definitely smoke rso as long as all the alcohol is evaporated it should be fine

  29. Well not that but muscles don’t mean youll be good at fighting

  30. N,N-DMT or 5-MeO-DMT for a first dmt experience?

  31. Think my e2 is a bit high, bloated, puffy nips and have had a headache the last 2 days, im retarded and didnt do my research so all i had on hand is clomid which is helping with the puffy nips until i get the aromasin

  32. I used to fan dry then throw them in a plastic bag/ jar with a dry and dry pack

  33. I think you have to go thru this drunk when you apply for russian citizenship

  34. Did she call the black guy a coon? Did i hear that right? Wtf..

  35. Aromatase inhibitor stop’s testosterone from turning into estrogen

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