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  1. Mic check by ratm (not hip hop but rap metal)

  2. Go down to that last row where it says never heard, and hear them. Jesus f****** Christ dude

  3. Chord changes maybe? Its a sound that is always there on every song

  4. Are they windmills or turbines? Probably turbines.

  5. Facebook is having that dilemma right now. Their older user base is dying off causing their stock to drop further. They have ran out of humans. Zucker is looking to give internet to 1 billion people in areas that are simply not online (third world) to grow his user base. SunnyV2 on YT goes more in depth about this if you want to check it out.

  6. its my least favorite st anger song but i still enjoy it , it coud be a little shorter i think

  7. You literally just listed the only tracks from the album I’ve listened to more than twice

  8. Same here guys lol. Except Walking contradiction, my buddy often jokes it's his favorite song to troll. No offense to anyone, but I find that tune way too cringey

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