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  1. That’s fantastic advice, thank you so much. I’ll definitely try that when I get home. My grandpa just passed (I’m just leaving his funeral), so I wonder if that’s part of it.

  2. It very well could be & I'm sorry for your loss.

  3. Thank you. And thanks for the work you do as an EMT. I know it’s not easy.

  4. It's my pleasure. It's not easy some days but I do love it.

  5. If the tiles are consistently going to come in contact with water, don’t do the tile paint. I did it less than a year ago (also on blue tiles!) and the shower wall looks like a globe now with all the paint peeling off.

  6. Fortunately they're along the wall & countertop but not the shower

  7. I moved into a cat pee apartment & the only thing that got rid of thay god awful smell was vinegar mixed with a bunch of tea tree oil. I put that mixture in a spray bottle & saturated every inch of that place twice. And it worked!

  8. By the sound of it, you're successfully passing all the tissue & you honestly won't need the 2nd dose. Some places prescribe it not only if you don't bleed the first round, but also in case you haven't stopped bleeding in a few weeks, as this can be administered then to help stop the bleeding. The dr just told me all this today during my post ma checkup. Snuggle up next to a heat pad (like I am now), ibuprofen, tylenol, & my dr suggested hot herbal tea to relax.

  9. I had HG with all three of my kids. If you can afford it, have your Dr prescribe Diclegis! It was a LIFESAVER. If you can't afford it, you can take b6 & 1/2 unisom. It's the same thing just not extended release like the prescription. I had diclegis the 2nd kid & my 3rd the dr just had me take those 2 morning & night since it's so expensive. It's not as strong & you may be somewhat nauseated but you won't be puking all day & night. As for abortion, I'm in the middle of my MA if you decide to go that route & need support. Good luck

  10. In your heartbreak, I'm hearing the silver lining of having grounds for an absolute divorce all while riding the alimony pony. Hit him where it hurts, my dear. Good luck

  11. Power trip on a sub. I've officially seen it all

  12. Always have a bag of snacks, transfer candy, 1 redbull, & regular drink of choice.

  13. So why are you here? This post comes off condescending to me.

  14. Do it. As someone who was a cna for years, I know exactly what you're talking about. I got my emt & love my job. Yes there are transports & yes you have frequent flyers, BUT you only have to deal with them for a drive to the hospital vs every single day all day. Make the switch before you end up hating your job. With ems, you still get patient care but you're not that patients/residents bitch for an entire shift & then some.

  15. This is a common condition known as PMDD. Birth control as well as antidepressants have been known to help. Some will prescribe an antidepressant that you only take a week before your period to help with symptoms (since you don't want a full time ssri)

  16. I would base your decision around your school schedule. A 24 hr shift may suck, but it would give you more down time between shifts to focus on school. A 12 hr shift may not be a bad idea, but less off days & you'll probably get stuck on night shift in the beginning. I've never heard of a 6hr shift but if you could swing it financially, it could work given the shorter work days & more time for classes. I do 24 on 48 off. The 24 on can be brutal here, as we have a high call volume. However, 2 days off afterwards is enough down time for me to collect & reset before the next shit show. There's also a PRN schedule for you to pick & choose what days you work.

  17. How is the 24hr thing? Like is your body able to fully relax and sleep after your shift?

  18. It really depends on your area. I work at 2 different services & they are very different as far as call volume goes. One 24 hr shift at place #1 had 7 calls & I slept, but a 24 at place #2 had 17 calls & we ran all night. Granted it's not always that busy, but that day sucked lol.

  19. I’d say almost all of us on here would say tap out, while a portion of us same people wouldn’t or at least haven’t in real life. I will say the longer you’ve been in the field correlates to the greater likelihood of tapping out, because you get to the point of fuck this job, me first. Whereas when we’re new, we feel like we have something to prove.

  20. Are 24s the only option? My service has 24s but also offer 16s, 14s, 12s, and 10s for those not interested in 24s.

  21. I actually enjoy 24s because I like having 2 days off inbetween, but making your crews run nonstop for 14 hrs & requesting a 7 hr total drive time transfer just seems absolutely reckless to me. Why take the chance?

  22. Get a different shift. Anytime you're not consistently getting 5 uninterrupted hours when you can sleep it shouldn't be a 24

  23. Yeeeeah that's not possible. 24s are all the service I work for does.

  24. What you're feeling is normal & I'm pretty sure most of us remember our first major mva with a doa-I know I sure do. Some scenes & some patients stick with you. Time will start to help you get over those images as you will see more & more, but it may never erase what's burned in your mind. Talk to your coworkers or someone that can understand what you're feeling (like the island of misfit toys on this reddit♡)

  25. Let's all take a minute to picture a SNF nurse working the truck. You're welcome.

  26. King down there acting like he never had a first day fresh on the job. If you're on an ALS truck, your medic will tell you what he/she wants. If you have a full time same partner, you will start to know what's expected of you on each run. Some medics want the jump bag on every call, others do not. Just ask whenever you're on the way to scene what they want to bring in. EVERY call is different & EVERY scene is different. If you're on a BLS truck, most of your calls are going to be easy & the only thing you'll physically have to do are vitals en route to the hospital. When in doubt, ask questions! Faking it til you make it will get you nowhere in this profession & remember, we were all fresh at one point. It's ok to feel like a dumbass & there will be things you'll forget. Just take a breath & learn from every call. You got this 👍

  27. Ask about PRN positions when you interview. Training takes at the very least 1 month when you hire on so saying you only plan to commit for only 2 is not smart. Working PRN allows you to pick your schedule & keep up with your skills/training.

  28. This is totally normal. My first shifts were on a bls truck with another new emt & we had to figure everything out together. It's nerve racking but after a few runs or shifts on your own, you'll start to find your footing. I tell every emt to pick up basic shifts (yes, sometimes they suck) but it will make you a more confident emt since you don't have the safety net of a medic. Follow your protocols or contact a shift supervisor if you have questions. You got this 👍

  29. I am! I've had my rockys for 2 yrs & I just can't deal with hot feet anymore. I work 24s & I'm over it lol

  30. Haix Airpower XR1! The Default Boot in German and Austrian EMS. Have mine since 5 years and only changed the insoles. Still waterproof.

  31. Welcome to the Natural State where you will have the chance to experience all four seasons within one day! March is typical for snow in the morning & a tornado in the evening...I wish I was joking. Also, prepare yourself for the insane humidity. Hopefully you like feeling as if you've just stepped out of the shower, except you never get to dry off.

  32. Where are you that you're getting snow in March? Must be northern. In March I'm usually starting my garden. (Extreme southwest Arkansas)

  33. -Firefighters on scene literally take the weight off your shoulders so never be a dick. --Learn how to talk when spoken too, & listen when needed. Sometimes just listening can diffuse a psych on the edge. --Always try to pee, eat, & nap when you get the chance. --Never forget your transfer snack/candy

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