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  1. Anything in my recent for hoothoot chr

  2. There is an insane amount of stuff on the back-end that you all just do not hear, see, nor know about that was taken into account with these new rules amongst a million other things. They are not designed to "punish" anyone whatsoever and is quite literally in place to protect our users in the best way we can. The only alternative is G&S only, eith no FF at all like every single other reddit marketplace. Is that something you'd be okay with? Because i doubt anyone here would be, and its not something we wanted to do because it did seem nuclear and not really helpful. Simply allowing FF in any capacity is a large difference from any other 3rd party market. You and

  3. I’m not worried about the threshold. I probably wont even hit 600$ in g&s this year and if i was there are different ways you can get around it. So they 600$ limit has nothing to do with this for me. I imagine theres a lot of things that go on behind the scenes. I kinda expect that since thats how management positions work in the real world. I’m pretty sure anyone who asks for help says thanks unless they’re just dumb and dont know how manners work. Even after my posts get taken down i say thanks after y’all put em back up. I do care about safety, i also think people should be able to use their better judgment (which isn’t always 100% accurate due to people getting scammed) I’m sorry you guys have to deal with stupid people / lack of common sense( with the large amount of mod mail) Ive always been told dont sell it if you cant lose it. The only card i have ever bought on this sub was 550$ which isn’t a lot but it’s enough to be scared of ff but i did it anyway bc at the time he had 50 trades and if i lost 550 i was gonna be upset but at the end of the day i gotta move on. And this is coming from a college student. I havent read the rest of the rules which im sure are fine. I haven’t mentioned any others bc this is the only one that sucks in my opinion, not the safety of the community.

  4. You are a very small minority then that is thankful and has manners when creating modmails and speaking with us, and i appreciate it truly lol usually its nothing but us getting yelled at for something THEY messed up on their post, but nothing new...I appreciate your feedback as well as the rest of the team. There is just SO much more to why we do things rather than just "haha lower traders get rekt by taxes". That is 100% not our goal, and was a very small factor when creating the new threshold. It was more a collection of data and info we have collected from modmails, and any issues that arose in the last few years, and what type of users those problem children were. 100 is just where we landed as it just cleared that issue 100% as we have never, to my knowledge, had a scam from 100+ users but HAD everywhere else. It is unfortunate people are upset, but it should be majority directed to the government lol I am not a business, nor is 95% of people here, and we know that. But G&S is just a standard practice we have taken into account here.

  5. Yeah the only reason is that now i gotta treat it like a business instead of a hobby. Which ill find ways around but i do appreciate this sub, its the one thing i like about the community right now. Tired of card shows ripping kids off & the fact kids cant find products on shelfs.

  6. Whatever the pack is is pretty cool!

  7. Could i see close ups of shinning ttar

  8. Little more played than what im looking for. Thank you!

  9. I dont think I missed a pricing document. What do you value it at?

  10. Yeah, I just wanted to see if you were good with the condition first. It's 275.

  11. Let me think about it. Debating between this or spending 75-125$ more to get a 8 or 9

  12. Interested in your shining kabutops. Only thing i would have to trade is a cgc 9 blaines charizard

  13. Ive been kinda tempted buying a shining kabutops

  14. I remember i sniped an auction awhile ago for like 2$ and didn’t think the guy would ship it

  15. Anything in my recent? I cant see the wotc wants

  16. Might be interested in some c/uc. What are you looking for?

  17. Flareon promos, greninja stars, sealed eevees

  18. Explain how you can tell a pack is shadowless and show those features on the pack you sold

  19. Sounds good. How do you want to do shipping? PWE or tracking?

  20. If fine if you send pwe, ill be sending bmwt. Ill pm you

  21. Should be lp, id ask 4.5 ff pwe. I can get close ups later today

  22. I have a bunch of gen 1 pokemon

  23. If you cant find a complete neo genisis set, i have a good portion in my last post.

  24. I have darkness energy from neo and some 1st ed tr in my last post

  25. That’s fine with me, RR snorlax from sword and shield base set right ? And if you have base set or rocket non holo rares I’d look at those as well

  26. You have everything i would have to offer already. Good to move to pms?

  27. Thanks! Any interest in trades or partial trades from

  28. Nice cards but i would ideally like to trade it towards my bigger wants (shinning kabutops/crystal golem) if i was to trade. I am a little flexible on price

  29. I may be able to go after a PSA 10 shining you have other stuff available for trade to add to blaine's if you're interested?

  30. Oh man a 10. I normally try to stick to raw or 8s like you. Im a college kid lol

  31. I have a cgc 9 blaines Charizard and a mp ex dragon one. Ill have to wait till this weekend to get pictures to you

  32. Sure I'll do that - can you DM me your info?

  33. imagine you're sending to somewhere in the US, and then you write the word "canada" at the end.

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