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  1. This is literally the last reddit post I will ever see

  2. Fix the caster angle and ditch the sky jackoff steering stabilizers.

  3. Steering stabilizers are the biggest scam in modern jeep mods IMO. And that's saying something.

  4. To be fair, It's not IMPOSSIBLE to get a lifted beast to actually drive ok. Quote the customer the price to make it happen and who knows... You might make a lot of money off that deal.

  5. I actually know this one! But only because someone already posted it yesterday in this sub.

  6. Mission accomplished, literally no problem with the outcome. It's a funny "oh you didn't know" moment but what else is relevant? The food got cold. Boom. Ignorance is not a good punchline. Teach. Learn. Improve.

  7. If you're white get a boring white collar job and marry a girl who has no better options. Settle down have 2 or 3 kids and the rest is book moves and a guaranteed mate.

  8. This is easy. this part can be removed and replaced, you can find a 3D model on thingyverse, find someone with a 3D printer or a fablab near your area.

  9. "this is easy if literally every star in the universe lines up"

  10. The part that goes into what used to be a hole

  11. I don't think retro applies to digital photography outside of snapchat filters. The car is unbelievable though.

  12. You're wrong. There's a beautiful underground of old digital cameras back to the early 90s! It's amazing and few people know about it.

  13. Pixels are pixels. There's no difference in the technique, illumination, film chemistry, or exposure time like with antique film cameras.

  14. Doubling down on the abject wrongness. Gotta love it.

  15. Just something I thought due to it hardens instantly

  16. Maybe stop spraying "something you thought" online and start spraying water on your super glue joints.

  17. I was scared this was gonna be a cwc thing

  18. The way you write that make me not want to know what cwc stands for...

  19. Good find. Could be worth 200-300 to the right collector, but it might take a while to find that person on eBay

  20. i'm more concerned about the magnifying glass' shadow

  21. Pretty sure it's accurate, because all of the light that "should" be going through the glass is concentrated on the single focal point.

  22. I'm about to tackle my own backyard refit. What tent are you using?

  23. The dock hand at a local marina would smoke while leaning against the gas pump ALL the time and when I asked him not to, he said the exact same BS. Apparently that's a myth smokers spread amongst themselves.

  24. My favorite Hemi, the Celica....

  25. i am tempted to 3d print the parts to make a mold.

  26. Careful on the infill pattern or it could take actual weeks to print

  27. Got panel gaps only a Tesla owner could love

  28. This is like the 4th car I've seen converted into a truck on here in the past week. Is this shit a new trend or something? Lol

  29. The front framework is common on extreme off-roaders like built buggy style jeeps. In theory, it allows for steeper approach angle on rocks and boulders.

  30. Im pretty sure that everyone who dislikes ai art also thinks the banana isnt art

  31. Pretty sure you're wrong. Because I think the banana is art, but don't believe ai art is "art" by the same definition. So you're just wrong.

  32. Ah, but you're still talking about that dumb banana years later. It has left its mark on the world, and inspired millions to think critically, even if they think critically against the piece.

  33. Not trying to be "that guy" but isn't it exceptionally risky to cook wild game rare? Farmed animals have a more controlled environment. Game is unpredictable for parasites in particular.

  34. For some reason I love cars with ridiculous mods and untouched faded headlights Priorities

  35. Wuling Mini EV I like it's little face 📀➖📀

  36. "gorilla wheelin' in my tall toy" actually... bars wtf

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