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  1. That might be the worst travel coffee maker I have ever seen but it is probably also the most portable, I guess. But considering you have a tent and non-collapsible wooden cookware, you probably have the room for like a Coffee Gator French Press or an Aero Press if you want coffee that doesn't require you to precariously balance an almost-zero-mass cradle over an unstable coffee cup in a flat-surfaceless campsite in the wind while you slowly ladle two tablespoons of hot water a time into it and sit there praying first thing in morning that you don't wind up scalded and pissed as a way to wake up on your camp morning.

  2. I am not articulate. I apologize. I blame my poor western education. Your comment came off as negative to me and I instantly assumed you have not camped since you were a kid and you are an armchair expert couch potato that sits around playing video games while commenting about silly stuff like a guy sharing how he makes coffee while camping from your gamer chair because you have no real life outside of the internet.

  3. Honest question as a Blink user...please do not kill me. Why is everyone so shocked about a 100 dollar subscription? Does anyone read the fine print? This is less than the cost of having a spotify account for a year. Why all the hate?

  4. My man is out here L I V I N!! Looks, awesome bro. Nothing beats experiences like this with someone who has a positive outlook.

  5. I ordered my Old Town 120 Sportsman PDL from Eco Fishing Shop last year. The kayak was in high demand, and they warned me that it would take about 6 months to get it to me. They held their word, and the kayak was delivered in about 5 months. It was in perfect condition, the guys that brought it even carried it into my garage for me and asked if they wanted me to unwrap and inspect it. I opened it the next day it was in perfect condition. They even gave me a sticker and a hat for free. This is a good company, and I will probably buy my next kayak from them as well.

  6. Here is a picture of it the day it was delivered still in the wrapping -

  7. I use a buddy for winter camping. I feel very safe with it just by having a window cracked open. My recommendation is to get a full-size propane tank (keep the tank outside) with an adapter and a stove fan to put on top of it to push the warm air around. My buddy just bought a diesel heater and I may switch to that once my buddy goes.

  8. Looks like a great time! Thanks for sharing. I have always wanted to have a stove in the tent.

  9. My whole life we called it Reading Lake. I remember seeing signs along 99 that said Lyon County State Fishing Lake, but always assumed it was some lesser lake we didn't go to.. 50 years of lies.

  10. Is this the one with the old Methodist/Episcopalian summer camp that got flooded? (Or am I trippin)?

  11. I read about the name online and was confused as well. Really neat little lake!

  12. I know they all kind of look the same but that looks a lot like Pott 2

  13. Ahh I love Pott 2. Used to camp there all the time when I lived in Manhattan! This is Osage State Fishing Lake near Scranton, a little over an hour or so from Pott 2.

  14. This is Osage State Fishing Lake, south of Topeka near a very small town called Scranton. Here is the full

  15. How do you logistically accommodate and see a return on the cost of a full video production team for a camping trip

  16. Same question! I’ll be back home next spring and I’d love a lake day

  17. Douglas County State Fishing Lake, just south of Lawrence.

  18. Bring extra trash bags. Every time I've camped there I've had to clean up quite a bit of trash.

  19. Good point. This is one of the few free ones that actually have a dumpster too.

  20. Wow, it's crazy you mentioned Baldwin City. I camped at the lake there last weekend and just posted a

  21. Thanks, pal. I do have a youtube channel, but I think it's against the sub-rules to promote it. You can find some of my videos on my profile if you are interested. :)

  22. Appreciate the effort you put into filming and editing these; has to be a ton of work

  23. Thanks! Apparently, the mods in this sub disagree because they removed this for some reason.

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