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Person who hacked my credit card emailed me asking why I canceled his flight.

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Idaho cop shoots 2 family dogs for delaying traffic, only waited 6 minutes for animal control. The dogs never posed a threat.

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  1. Yep, they should, sort of. Fallout 3 weapons won't drop unless you get a mod that does that already. The weapon mods included in PN are broken and can cause crashes, I suggested a much better substitute. You'll have to find a different mod for FO3 mods. You can always play TTW.

  2. Nope, they should already be in leveled lists.

  3. Awesome, thank you! I'm used to playing Skyrim where if you have more than one mod that modifies leveled lists, you have to fix it in xEdit.

  4. Chiming in as well, if you don't have steam installed to your C drive, it won't find the games, as it only looks at 'libraryfolders.vdf' on the C drive, not necessarily your install drive. So, you need to copy the data from your installation libraryfolders.vdf over to the one on your C drive, under any existing info.

  5. A lot of the old school "grainy" sound you're referencing is actually caused by aged and worn tape, which creates and adds to what is called

  6. What about something like Holedweller? That seems to be a whole different kind of distorted sound.

  7. gamestream PC. the geforce now app is only for cloud gaming now

  8. Not the same thing of course, but I've always heard that mixing Adderall and Psilocybin can put you at a high risk of Serotonin Sickness.

  9. See Sam Harris on literally any mainstream media debate. Dude gets hung out to dry lol.

  10. Dope! Thank you! I turned a laptop into an HTPC for emulation, so performance overhead is always a concern lol, but thank you for the help! I probably won't mess with it in that case. I have found messing with system packages like that is a very easy way to screw the whole thing up.

  11. I haven't done much psp, mostly gba and android, but I just tried out ghost of Sparta. Not bad at 1x resolution, averaged about 40fps with major frame drops during the heavy attack ground pound and a few other animations. Intro boss fight was fine. I'd call it playable for sure.

  12. Could you try Daxter and Monster Hunter Freedom Unite? Those are my go toos. How would you say, additionally, the Retroid pocket 3+ compares to the Pi 3 that you have? And if i didn't go the Retroid route, and got a Pi 4b, how would that compare?

  13. Daxter and Monster Hunter Freedom Unite run a solid 30 locked at 2x resolution. Can't speak too much on the 3+except I think it's marginally better and maybe had a few stability improvements.

  14. Individualism has poisoned this country. No one gives a fuck about anyone but themselves, and it is increasingly noticeable.

  15. I've had my car windows shattered by hit and runs twice in three weeks. Same exact situation as the video. My first thought is oh someone's targeting me, but I doubt its that. I think there's just that many inconsiderate ass, self centered people that truly don't gaf about other people. It's all the individual. I feel like I've seen it often as of late. People are increasingly only giving a fuck about themselves.

  16. The pentatonic scale isn’t exactly suitable for common practice era tonal harmony as the lack of half steps/semitones in the scale don’t make any degrees in the scale yearn to resolve. In other words, there isn’t tension and release in the scale, which is what traditional western harmony relies upon. A lot of baroque era harmony (and subsequent periods of common practice era before Debussy made stuff really spicy) relies on V-I harmonic motion, which would require a leading tone.

  17. Maybe I mean 'multiple part writing' versus 'counterpoint', i didn't realize counterpoint meant that specific time period, i thought it implied part writing in genereal.

  18. Yeah, I think it mentions some less polished tunnels where everyone thought Bilbo was hiding “all his treasure.” 😂 It’s also why it was so useful to Saruman when he transitioned to Minor Crime Boss of the Halflings at the end of ROTK.

  19. There was recently a Twitter thread of someone who thought they found this expensive couch you see pictured on the street and spent a lot of time and money trying to clean it up, only for someone to point out it was a knockoff, because of the different fabric/stitching, which led to her defending her decision tooth and nail.

  20. Actually i've only seen complaints about it being left out for a good reason, like bedbugs or something, which a surface clean wouldn't do anything for.

  21. That was initially people's concerns, it has evolved/devolved since then.

  22. I use Tdarr to automatically convert all my video/audio to a standard format (h265&aac) as it shows up. You might check it out.

  23. Marxist is less inclusive of groups like Anarchist and DemSocs I'd say. Which both have the stated goals I listed and I would consider part of the "left". Even with as flawed I find their methods to be.

  24. What Dem Socs have ever tried to abolish private property? Stated goals and broad ideas don't mean much when actual practice results in the opposite, in their case.

  25. Which police abolishinist have ever abolished police? Stated goals and broad ideas don't mean much when actual practice results in the opposite, in their case.

  26. Correct, rarely has anyone in history who has exposed broad ideals, without any real practice, achieved anything. In the case of demsocs, all they have achieved is supporting capitalist states against actually existing socialist states.

  27. Part 3 isn’t fully released yet, only chapter 1 has been released with chapter 2 coming out at a later date, so they’re probably waiting until then to dub them both.

  28. My dad always says he’s never heard of anyone high on weed hurting anyone else but knows plenty of people who got shot, stabbed, run over, or otherwise assaulted by someone drunk.

  29. The way my dad always put it was what struck a chord with me. He asked me, if I had two friends calling me, asking to hang out, and one had been drinking all day and the other one had been smoking weed and playing video games all day, which would I rather hang out with?

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