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  1. Sorry, i was thinking there were uploaded. Here you are:

  2. Sometimes on old casts itll say what the model is on the tab that goes into the slottabase, worth checking

  3. I really hope some of the most disturbing takes are just edgy teens because fuck me otherwise

  4. I think you underestimate how chock-full of utter cunts the world is.

  5. Reading the news would make even the happiest of cunts want to do themselves in man.

  6. Agreed man, I stopped watching the news because it was just doing my head in, made worse by the fact the world is irreversibly fucked to a monumental level and the futures really bleak. After stopping watching it I realised theres not actually a great deal of benefit to keeping up with politics and finance: its always fucked, corrupt, and whether we know about it or not, theres not a damned thing any of us can do about it.

  7. For anyone that tries to say David Martindale is a good manager, his team have been time wasting at 3-0 down.

  8. Goalie got a talking to for time wasting at 8' lol

  9. Is there anything better than smoking a fat elf bar and playing FIFA after a long day at the grindshaft

  10. The day they ban disposable fucking vapes will be 100 times better. Fucking place is awash with them round mine.

  11. Fun fact, one day your mum hugs you, and never does again.

  12. Just heard the words "And it'll only get worse under Starmer" uttered by two old folk at the coffee shop.

  13. Ive mentioned before that Ive seen people still come out with "yeah its bad but imagine Corbyn got in". Shows you how incessant the media job on him was, cunts must have been conditioned into thinking he was Stalin.

  14. Someone (who hates Corbyn) was moaning to me about how electric / trains / internet should be nationalised. I said that was fully costed in Corbyn’s manifesto but you called it communism. Response?

  15. "CoRbYn WaNtS tO gIvE bEnEfItS sCrOuNgErS fReE iNtErNeT"

  16. See if a player goes studs up and gets the ball but also gets the player it's a free kick?

  17. Did you not hear Andy Walker? Keeper had eyes on the ball, both of them, so no foul 😐

  18. They're both cringeworthy, but the Paul brothers are legit athletes. They're essentially living the life most others wish they had, they made their money early and can now dedicate their time into chasing their passions.

  19. Could gen up make it as one of the best heels ever, everyone either despises or idolises him so would be perfect. Hes a wank, but it looks like he can do absolutely anything he turns his hand to - and very well - so recognition where its due, hes genuinely brilliant at whatever he does.

  20. Remembered the royal rumble was last night so thought I'd look up who won to see if any of my favourites were in the chase. Then remembered I haven't been a wrastlin fan for the best part of 20 years so I've no idea who most of these people are. I miss Stone Cold.

  21. You missed the biggest wrestling superstar of recent times then, Logan Paul!

  22. I haven’t watched WWE in a good while, why the fuck is Logan Paul in it these days? Jesus fuck

  23. Same reason he puts arses on seats for shite boxing PPVs, folk want to see him beaten. Cheap, low-to-no effort publicity. The mans a penis and its a shame the WWE feed into him. Tenner says he wins Wrestlemania main event in next couple years.

  24. I'm a cisco network engineer and thing are starting to get automated. Security wise everything is more or less AI. I'm forcing myself to learn python (as much as I hate programming) as a failsafe to keep my skills relevant/be a step a head of the game. But aye times are changing - god knows what the job market will be like in 10 years

  25. Even with shop workers - If you go into a supermarket chain there are more self service checkouts than regular ones with just one person overlooking the self service ones

  26. Bring on the world of UBI, CBDCs, and sitting at home never doing anything except being allowed to order pish off amazon!

  27. if you are serious about CV I have decent template. Got a girl in HR at an old company who had hired hundreds of folk to help with the structure etc

  28. Im hanging on for my most anticipated HOT collab this year...

  29. No devilishly handsome tache, so it cant be Maeda

  30. One for the goffs. Mates band have a new record coming out, released the first song off it. Its a bit of an different tack this song compared to a lot of their previous stuff, but the rest of the albums raging.

  31. Will do. Even being impartial I think they deserved better recognition than they got.

  32. In my eyes its impossible to compare current players to past; football is a different beast now. You used to get away with booting utter fuck out opponents and not get a foul never mind a booking (e.g.Batistuta once asked a surgeon to amputate his legs as they give him so much pain from being volleyed by defenders, and he was a fairly recent player), whereas modern players will never face a challenge remotely like that.

  33. So it seems the unsponsored away kit has just disappeared forever. So ragin at myself that I missed my chance!

  34. Watching last season is making me miss clinical Kyogo

  35. I dont get whats happened to him. Its got to the point where if an opportunity presents itself Im expecting him to fuck it now.


  37. Not a chance have BBC just suggested Bellingham should win young player of the tournament

  38. Looks like its made out some cheap curtains

  39. Yet somehow, that kilt is the worst bit about the pic

  40. Argentina played better than France but they looked utterly knackered from kick off,I think more players were worse affected by yhe virus outbreak than reported on, they looked burst.

  41. Im pointing out how much the ref bought dives and allowed tactical fouls and pullbacks, studs challenges, pulling France back just before full time when Coman got halved on a break instead of playing advantage. Theres no way you can watch thar game and say that Argentina werent constantly fouling and diving, which is my point.

  42. Watched that in my mates with a twin subwoofer, mega surround sound setup. Unreal. Just overwhelming with noise and frenzy/panic.

  43. Hope Jota can keep his record going.

  44. I can understand the switch rule clarification because Ive seen so many variations on which cards do what its ridiculous.

  45. My favourite: "yeah im pretty OCD". Are you FUCK, you just like stuff a particular way or favour neatness. Guess what, everyone is the same. OCD cunts actually suffer.

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