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  1. Our two are nearly 5 and 3. Best of enemies. Best of friends. Equal measures. The "fights" and arguments they have often can be quite remarkable, but they miss each other when they are apart and now have plenty of wonderful moments every day together.

  2. And Die Hard trilogy, come to think of it. Trilogy in the title? I was a fan

  3. "The moon blew up with no warning and with no apparent reason."

  4. It says I can't travel there, but thanks anyway!

  5. Awesome, will head over now with what I have.. only oranges and peaches in fruit, but have some plants and potato plants

  6. Hey! I'd like to visit and pick up some fruits

  7. Oh, how wonderful that this Christmas cheer is a global phenomenon. My awesome toddler and younger kids, as well as my sister's ones have had a brilliant few days together. Lots of fun, laughter, games.. but apparently "it was different in my day. They'd have drank less milk, eaten earlier (than 1700) and been told to shut the fuck up". Me adding "don't forget that we should also slap them around a bit too as well, I guess?" went down as well as I'd hoped. Merry Christmas, one and all! Parents of all ages kids, you are awesome!

  8. Reading a lot of these, mine seems extremely pathetic and insignificant in comparison. But, having three broken ribs and the flu, with sneezes every 10 minutes or so so a couple of days was not entirely pleasant..

  9. We walked passed the town hall in Copenhagen and saw a pretty big red flag there

  10. It certainly does. But as a Brit living here, it still sticks out when I walk in the door

  11. Guessing someone just finished their load

  12. Very early on in the book, the next bit sticks in my head and sets the tone for the whole series very nicely:

  13. And mine says "I want a big dick", when (I hope) he's wants a fig stick

  14. My golfer from PGA2K21 who can't hit a driver straight... Don't fancy his chances with a gun, or anything else of use to save me

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