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  1. there will be times released late feb RE: course selection start times similar to fall/winter course selection

  2. is C- the lowest average grade among UofT courses? :-(

  3. Prof Weisbaum is a godsend. Taking BPM214 helps but definitely can take BPM381 without it

  4. Hi thanks a lot for the comment! Because everything kinda happened last minute I'm probably going to have to take 224 and 246 in the summer or Fall and take 337 after them. Is there a particular reason why you suggest taking 246 before 224? Also, if it's not too much trouble, do you know what textbooks they used for 224 and 246?

  5. 224 they pretty much always use A Course In Linear Algebra by Damiano and Little. 246 tends to vary for the most part? someone else can confirm that

  6. Does U of T give access or discounts to any software? I will check those two out, thank you

  7. no discounts, but i’d recommend going with goodnotes. noteability is subscription based whereas goodnotes is just a one-time purchase. both have essentially the same features too

  8. the hardest part is setting up the integral.

  9. mat235 is EXTREMELY BORING. coming from mat137 I hated it.

  10. yeah i’m a bit torn cus i’m not exactly too interested in proofs and all that

  11. There are several shoppers shops which contains “Bloor”when I search on Google map, do you know specific address?

  12. I took PHL100 last year with Peter King/Julia Smith. From what i’ve heard, many of the TAs weren’t very generous with grading and supposedly had an average grade they were aiming for. Not sure if that’s how the course is traditionally, but that was my experience last year.

  13. Last year’s PHL had primarily historical texts from names like Plato, Aristotle, Descartes, Hume, etc. The last chunk of the course featured more contemporary stuff pertaining to things like meaning and all that (Thomas Nagel, Susan Wolf, etc.)

  14. assuming freshman means first year, I believe you need soc100 before you can take soc240. soc100 is a prerequisite to soc240:

  15. woah! thanks for the catch! i couldnt fit soc100 into my schedule unfortunately so i substitued with lin101 instead

  16. assuming you do have to take mat137, having an ipad is very very helpful. Even with CS courses, i want to assume an ipad will still be helpful regardless. For calc, you can just download the slides before class and annotate over them. Similarly with textbooks, you can have them all organized into one place. i have seen people stick to pen and paper, but it’s more or less a hassle at the end of the day.

  17. Change your thinking: You didn't lose 13%. It's that you didn't earn it. Participate more next year.

  18. No one knocks on a bathroom door pantless by accident, especially if there was another open stall. This was on purpose.

  19. lol you think the guy was knocking in hopes of another guy in there? it's just being more or less careless

  20. i'm really sorry, that sounded really hard. just gonna need some quick clarification. did your friend see the peen or the ass first?

  21. Not sure about last year, but last semester (fall) finals were cancelled from like the 16th onwards, so MAT223 didn't have a final last semester. We didn't get to see the final either

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