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  1. Dudes the real deal, just on a shit offense. Watch his running style, it's nuts the angles he takes, extremely solid vision

  2. It’s hilarious that we might actually finally have a high pick to get a generational player buuuut we fucked up and traded away a kings ransom. Good think we got a 5th rounder for a top 5 safety 😑

  3. Sorry, I know your fanbase was pissed at the trade and I can see why. CJGJ has played great for us. He filled a huge hole at strong safety and played damn near every snap so far this season. Our D would be much worse without him.

  4. Also left a gaping hole in our Defense. Apparently he didn’t want to play this year without a deal but fuckin hell we just bent over and took it. I mean, we got one really good player, penning hasn’t played, and we’ve whiffed hard on our first rounders in recent history and more that, if things continue and Jameis is allowed to play again, we’re gonna be giving you guys a top 5 pick and get absolutely dick from it when we need our QB of the future.

  5. But if I buy a used car I’m taxed on that, why the fuck is flipping a house for huge profits different?

  6. Between Mickey trading a bunch of firsts for mediocre ass players, going after fuckin Watson, trading CJGJ for a fucking 5th, letting Marcus williams walk, and now letting the only spark in the run game get signed by the fuckin broncos, I'm fuckin fed up.

  7. How we're doing worse than last season is beyond me

  8. Jameis sucks and is hurt, and we’ve been really unlucky and undisciplined. We are a couple bad reffing calls/bad bounces from being 4-0.

  9. This is why I keep getting sucked in every week only to get my heart broken. 2 games now where questionable calls extended opponents' drives at the end, and where we had a good chance of putting the games away.

  10. Every game we’ve had so far has had questionable ref calls extending drives or ruining our drives

  11. I just don't get why Mahomes or Lamar don't get those calls.

  12. Dalton is the perfect bridge for us, he showed that he will take the smart plays but also has the balls to air it out when needed. Him plus AK and Mike is going to be fuckin nasty.

  13. Yeah if we had either of MT or AK I think we could have won

  14. If we just didn’t have the refs being cunts we win, or just stop that stupid punt, or they call the hit on olaves head

  15. Well, only a matter of time. BC is especially good at grinding every last cent out of your bones if you’re not super poor or super rich.

  16. Dealer markups are actually illegal in Canada, so not sure how this is allowed to go down?

  17. We got out one win so we won't be the first 0-17 team. I hope we lose out now so Tepper will be FORCED to make a change.

  18. I don’t want to go back to 7-9

  19. But the question is, if he didn’t find her attractive, why did he act like she was so hot when he first saw her?

  20. He was probably still assessing while it was happening. What do all the whiners here expect him to do, 180 and walk out the door as soon as they reveal?

  21. We are the team that made the refs incompetence shown on the largest stage, and we were extremely vocal about it, it’s no surprise they call every little thing on us and nothing on our opponents.

  22. Don't mistake corruption for incompetence. Something was obviously not right in the championship game with the Rams.

  23. Corruption after - we just keep getting these calls where the announcers are like “uhhhh” all the time

  24. One sequence that pissed me off was we had an opportunity to tackle the Vikings inside the 20 on a kickoff, miss the tackle allowing the returner to gain an extra 20 yards, then have a late hit to put the ball around midfield. This lead to the fake punt which ended up costing three more points, as the Vikings probably don't fake on 4th and 2 inside their own 30. It's another instance in little mistakes turning into big mistakes by game's end.

  25. F that, Dalton should start until he fails. He looked great today, he can be the guy until we find our future QB. Jameis loses us games

  26. A special teams fumble and converted fake punt away.

  27. That too. Just failure of the ST which is unacceptable, im okay with a turnover or two, but not from ducking special teams multiple times

  28. It was clearly DPI. That’s what everyone assumed the flag was for. And I didn’t say anything like you’re suggesting. I asked what questionable calls you’re talking about.

  29. We had 2 for us vs the falcons, and 2 Uber questionable ones vs the bucs. Smith cracked his head on that last catch

  30. It wasn't a phantom penalty. He did interfere. However, Thielen also did, and they should've offset.

  31. That’s not the one I’m talking about. The hands to the face on 3rd and long, Mathieu didn’t even touch his head, the previous first you guys got. The DPI is ticky tacky but the fact they didn’t call your DB on Olave for the same amount of arm grabbing is hilarious

  32. Nah I think we’d still beat them, but more handedly. They can’t stack the box with the red rifle firing it out quick

  33. We don’t have two bad QBs. Our QB1 is injured and our O-line is shaky at best.

  34. One QB can adjust and take what the Defense gives, the other cannot identify a free rusher coming off the edge

  35. I don’t know when you guys will understand it’s because of Winston. It’s not a coincidence. Dalton was adjusting.

  36. Next 4 weeks we have Seahawks / Bengals / Cardinals /Raiders.

  37. Neither did you lol - Dalton produced a game we haven’t seen from Jameis, he actually threw a TD not in the 4th

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