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  1. Bro for real I’ve reset twice and only got one legacy shader it’s killing my soul

  2. Hang on,what? I put HOURS into first week of IB last season for it to be a random drop now? 🙃

  3. why didn't you just loss farm then, i did so i don't mind

  4. the final shape ends with us standing on a plate and shooting the witness like really hard

  5. it's up to the player, either you did or you didn't stop petra which is basically the same result. i like to think all my characters did though.

  6. £90 for s7 ahsoka... not marvel legends ik but it was 100% worth

  7. i have miles, i don't have peter, despite not really liking it i'd still pay that price, so that's probably why it's that price

  8. me with black series and ahsoka, though there was never any chance of me getting her for less. now onto rex...

  9. mmm i think i'll be fine with the first gamerverse miles. need the new peter though, hope i can actually get it because my luck with peter spider-mans has not been great

  10. 'For the sake of profits, a deal had to be made... with China.'

  11. the high moon game designs are the best designs for each character (except shockwave)

  12. no then there'd be even more military propaganda, somehow

  13. he tore off the fallen's face with his own spear after saying "give me your face" then pushed his hand through the fallen's chest to his spark and crushed it

  14. that's all it would take imo as ridiculous as it sounds, the face lights just ARE wheeljack

  15. i may be a degenerate gwa browser but i don't know if i can go that far


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