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  1. I adore this song to the moon and back, but you guys need to post more atmosphere songs than just this and sunshine, lmao

  2. Lol I discovered Atmosphere the day I posted this so I do need to do some exploring

  3. Yes, basically could go with the quote, "To break the rules you have to know the rules"

  4. Something is wrong here, but I just can’t put my finger on it…

  5. I don't believe I have ever seen a piece of sheet music in 8/8, but I have seen ones in 4/4 and 2/2. I assume 8/8 is the same case as 2/2. If the tempo of a song is half note = 60 rather than quarter note = 60, the time signature often complies, making the denominator the note the tempo is associated with.

  6. So someone performing with sheet music in front of them, when they're familiar with the piece, uses that music to remind them of details they could otherwise forget. They don't need to read every note if they've played it a lot, but having the music to refer to keeps them from making unnecessary mistakes.

  7. This is a great point. Often when learning a more complex piece like Claire De Lune, the notes come as more of a thing to focus on. I like to have the sheet music because even though it's practically gotten into me to the depths of muscle memory, I most likely didn't realize a little "rit" at the end or something of the sort.

  8. You could take a photo/scan it and transfer it to google drive. It's alright if you can't. It was always easy for me because it was always sent to me as a pdf on email and theres a button you can use to move it to google drive. Just copy the link of the drive then and make sure anyone with the link can see it.

  9. I think there are several reasons, but one is just that the sound waves themselves are bigger. Think of the sounds as things filling a room. Higher frequencies are smaller, and you can fit a lot of them in a given space. But there are lower frequencies that have waveforms spanning the entire room, so if you try to cram a bunch of those in there, it gets crowded very quickly.

  10. This is so cool! I love how all these answers are somewhat different from each other. Very clear analogy, thank you.:)

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