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  1. She's not very powerful depending who you compare her to.

  2. Thank you! Finally someone who understands. There is this misconception that we are the strongest being in the galaxy, which admittedly we are one of, but we are not on the same level as some of the people we are fighting like Arcann, Vaylin and Malgus in LoTS. We always get help and in the fight against Arcann on his flagship, he is about to one shot us when Valkorion uses his powers to block his lightsaber. The outlander is certainly one of the most powerful but they would have been dead if not for their allies.

  3. I mean a lot of that has to do with limitations to the game itself. An Imperial Agent gets the same allies as the Sith Inquisitor who is arguably the most powerful playable character in whole of SWTOR. I feel like especially that character would be able to 1v1 both Revan and Malgus.

  4. Yes I agree with you and it's what I am trying to say. Be it for game limitations or other reasons, it has been shown that while we are indeed one of the most powerful beings in the galaxy, there are still a number of people that are quite a bit stronger than us.

  5. Why didn’t anyone mention his anti gravity ability, it makes a force field, pucci used it to take less damage from Sp’s punch.

  6. Finally someone who knows what's going on and pays attention. It was literally shown in the two previous episodes that Pucci is the center of reverse gravity and when Stone Free tried to punch him her hand was swept away. Star Platinum was strong enough to resist the gravity push to some extend, but he obviously couldn't go through with full force so the impact of the punch is decreased.

  7. Guss Tuno is wisdom. Guss Tuno is life. Someday, he will rise above everyone and show who he truly is. No one will stop him.

  8. Aw man... I kinda thought these polls sparked plenty of good discussion... :(

  9. I don't wish to be horny anymore

  10. I married Scorpio in my class story and we had children.

  11. He made a joke about bug cum, which makes him automatically better than every other companion

  12. Lol I love Skadge. He complements well with my “scum and villainy” type bounty hunter. Also like using HK with the imperial customization to give him that IG-11 look.

  13. That’s a very cool idea. Would be epic if they actually added an IG type droid customization for HK.

  14. I agree. Also told Mandalor to take a hike when he asked me to be a Mandalorian

  15. I usually play a mando BH, but one of my favorite star wars characters and favorite bounty hunter is Chad Bane, so I totally get rejecting Mandalore.

  16. How do you get companions other than Khem Val? I guess I’m not very far into the story, I only just recently got Andronikos

  17. This was a tough one because i really like Talos for his constant good mood and very enthusiastic personality, also his passion for history (i wish he could be a romance option for male SI, he'd suit my Nox pretty well), but i had to go for Khem, who was with the SI from the beginning and who despite constantly threatening to eat them, is actually one of, if not the most loyal companion out there, who didn't hesitate to sacrifice himself for the SI.

  18. Vette is funny, so I vote Vette

  19. In my opinion the Sith Warrior has a really good set of companions and it's definitely on the stronger side when it comes to the class companions. I went with Jaesa, but it's close. I'd put Vette, Quinn and Pierce as very close behind her.

  20. Oh yeah totally agree on how SWTOR lets you be a total villain, one of my favorite things about the game. That’s why it kinda irks me when in KOTFE/KOTET it kinda feels like you start to shift to an anti-hero role, but maybe that’s just me.

  21. It’s interesting reading these comments because my main (Inquisitor) s the only one I’ve taken through all of KOTFE and KOTET, and I play him as pragmatic but dark side. He exiled Koth and then killed Arcann since he’s a challenge to his power and then killed Senya for daring to defy him. He did spare Theron because it didn’t end up being a true betrayal. The problem is that I lost steam on my light side JK halfway through SoR and don’t think I’ll ever play her again, but I can’t see the other toons who are poised on the edge of the DLC material sparing Arcann. It just doesn’t make sense to.

  22. Yeah I have the same problem with my main who is a sith warrior. I love Arcann and I spared him the first time I got my warrior through KOTFE and KOTET, but it felt so out of character for my toon, cause I only spared him cause I wanted him as a companion. I had to delete and make the character again so I can kill him this time. I’m sorry Arcann… we just weren’t meant to be xd

  23. Right, I expected a lot more votes for him. At least second place, but damn.

  24. Vitiate desired the destruction of the galaxy to fuel his own power. The Force would not have allowed this (and canonically, obviously the Force influenced the actions and/or existence of figures like the Hero of Tython), so asking what would have happened had he succeeded is almost kind of silly.

  25. Actually he really got killed and did not allow/plan for it. He reveals that in the last chapter of KOTET when you are reclaiming your memories. He came up with the plan to take over the Outlander’s body a lot later after his death. It was during the time he pretended to go away from your mind.

  26. I seem to recall that now that you mention it. In either case, his "death" was meaningless regardless because of his ability to use essence transfer. His impetus to create the perfect galactic society would likely have remained had he not been stabbed through the chest.

  27. Yes that is true. In his mind it was only a slight setback and an interesting and fun experience. His goal was always to experience everything he can, to live. That is why he wanted to consume everything and become truly immortal. But like his former self Tenebrae explaind, with time, because of his desire to experience and live life, he got distracted, with “empires, wars, even a family“. He lacked the patience that he always claimed to have and that put him in a bunch of risky situations. But one of his biggest weaknesses, like many star wars villains, was blinding arrogance. He truly believed that it was imposable for anyone to defeat him, that he was so far above everyone, like a god. But in reality he has not yet achieved godhood, he has only in his mind. So instead of seeing the risks, he only saw interestint experiences. He is like a SWTOR player, with many alts, who has achieved so much and everything is like a game to him. The difference is he can die, but he could never see or accept that, until it was too late.

  28. Everyone asking why, let’s all be real here SpyxFamily walks a very thing line between wholesome and horny more than any other anime I’ve seen and you know what I’m all for it

  29. Half of this sub is either wholesome Anya, or some lewd Yor art/cosplay. Yes there’s plenty or normal yor cosplay but you cannot deny this sub has lewd content and not a small amount either. Again nothing wrong with either side but I definitely don’t think it’s only me

  30. i would like to play all swtor expansions but i refuse to pay every moth

  31. You only need to pay for 1 month and you will unlock all current expansions forever on the current account.

  32. Better to leave Agent for last as it’s the best class story and has plenty of refferences to the other class stories.

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