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  1. Uh, if you’re gonna punish completely innocent people for what their relatives did, then what basis for morality do you even have left?

  2. Right, right, but my point is, if you’re like “alright, some innocent children deserve to die” then what possible morality is left?

  3. I don't remember, I just skim through the full week of podcast that lands in the BTB feed, as I find most of the other journalists on the show pretty irritating.

  4. You can order o ring kits on Amazon, I'm going to pick up a few to have on hand. BP Crosman 1377 1322 2289 Bolt Action Tune-UP O-Ring Seal KIT

  5. I had to look it up since you don't structure your sentences well. So, you are asking about a sword in a video game called "No Honor," which by its nature is a work of fantasy?

  6. They would change their mind quickly if it were politicians getting murdered instead of children.

  7. Nah usually the guys doing that stuff suck anyway and they are doing their family a favor when they take themselves out.

  8. Hell yea! Can't wait until total environmental collapse and the inevitable famine, death, and anarchy that follows just before the total extinction of the human species!

  9. Honestly if someone decides not to date you for a dumbass reasons like this you're dodging a major bullet. But I am really curious how they develop these weird nonsensical random ideas about what is and is not appropriate for a certain gender.

  10. I carry one of these: HOTO Precision Screwdriver Sets, 24-in-1 Manual Screwdriver Set, Screwdriver Set with 24 pcs Tough S2 Steel Bits, Manual Pen Shape, Ideal for Electronics, Glasses and Bracelets, Dark Turquoise

  11. Folding hunter is one of my favorite knife patterns. That knife is perfectly fine for day to day work.

  12. It's a pseudonym. I heard one of his guests slip up and say his real first name once.

  13. Lab is a permanent fixture There isn't gonna be replacement for it until two point o

  14. 4 comments in 3 years and you use 2 of them to be misogynistic in a sword forum? Kick rocks.

  15. If you can't get it to back out, you might need to carefully drill it out. Before doing that, try using a center punch or a punch and hammer angled to get it to start it backing out.

  16. And how does it work? Does it mark those things at the map? Sorry for the noobie questions

  17. When you use it, it scans in about a 5 square radius and puts all the crashed jeeps and helicopters in that area on the map

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