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Weed isn’t ‘harmless’

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  1. Absolutely. I wanted a custom ral colour on my new front door and the company basically said they could spray it but it would very quickly look shit because as soo as you knocked it with keys etc., the paint would come off. The coloured doors are made with a pigment added to the material so a scratch on a grey door would still be grey.

  2. 1.0 Lupo has 49hp, 84/86nm torque and weighs 856kg 1100 mk1 Escort 40-48hp, 70-73nm, and 800-810kg

  3. My first car was a Polo 2 although lighter at 735kg it was 44hp and 74nm. I did nearly 60k miles in that around the whole country and It was enough to get caught speeding and to have a crash due to excessive speed.

  4. Nothing wrong with having a lower powered first car, my first car struggled to hit 60mph with 4 people in it but it was great fun to drive. Get used to the roads first then worry about going fast.

  5. It’s the best way. You can absolutely rag it and still be relatively safe! Just looked it up and my first car (1.0 polo) was 44bhp. I still crashed it once and got caught speeding once.

  6. The order of these and Back to the Future in terms of quality is 3, 1, 2.

  7. Agree with don't dismantle it, but take it down in one piece and give it to her. It probably came assembled and doesn't come apart.

  8. Absolutely this. Take the cover of the ceiling rose and take it down. (Power off first obviously!)

  9. I feel like the police are coming down hard on your brother because of his age, sadly there's not a whole lot you can do about it unless he has money for a lawyer. When I wrecked a car about 7 years ago the police took mine and a witnesses statement and left it at that even though the witness said I was speeding, which I was in all fairness.

  10. Car rolled, airbags deployed. Someone was injured. Police and ambulance were required.

  11. Not trying to be an hardass cause at the end of the day, if you're having fun, it's a good time. But you should definitely try to get some more technical turns instead of consistently skid turning like what you were doing. As others have said, learn to carve and you might find a new level of excitement/enjoyment.

  12. Reflecting a comment above about criticism coming from a good place you’ve nailed it when saying you find another level of excitement. I’d say I’m intermediate level and can bomb down the mountain in control but technically probably very messy - and it’s great fun but when you find a nice gentle clear slip like this learning to carve is so much fun!!

  13. I definitely suggest trying in that order. I've never been a fan of the inverted method (it kind of ruins the simplicity of the AP and adds another level of potential mess/burns). Using adequate coffee in addition to a level bed also makes a difference, 10 g of coffee for me will start dripping considerably faster than 15 g for instance.

  14. The problem I have with the inverted method is that until I have had said coffee I’m in absolutely no state to be flipping things full of scalding water about.

  15. Same here. It'd just be a dick measuring contest for most people and a chance to see where your ex ended up for others.

  16. Exactly this. Over 25 years later I’m still friends with the ones I want to still be around

  17. Nothing is harmless in excess

  18. Everything in moderation. Including moderation.

  19. The K series engines were brilliant but flawed. I’d steer clear of the 1.8 as they need new head gaskets a lot (some reports of every 18k miles!)

  20. Try to try a variety of Indian restaurants- Kerralan etc often have interesting vegetarian options

  21. The tandoor chophouse in St Martin in the Fields has amazing veggie options. The beetroot kebabs are quite possibly the best (vegetarian) things I’ve ever eaten.

  22. This warrants doubling of insurance? To my simple mind it's a newer, more powerful and safer car, hence less chances of claim, everything else being unchanged

  23. Yeah no. As mentioned it’s good to get electric checks every 10 years but you don’t need to rewrite your old house. Most T&E in walls will last a lot longer than 20 years and if it’s well installed and the CU and fittings are upgraded then it’s perfectly safe to have red and black wires.

  24. If you still have red and black cabling i would suggest your house needs potentially a complete rewire in the near future.

  25. Find a carpenter to level, insulate ply and then buy floor packs separately and get someone to install it. Had flooring quotes of 12k without any levelling and to just install thin ply.

  26. Nobody else mentioned insulation! Concrete backed foam boards are great for this.

  27. The Churchill Theatre has some great shows on too. If you arrive before Christmas make sure you go see a panto!

  28. It’s has some nice places close by, Chislehurst is a lovely place with some amazing looking old churches. I would say that a car would be necessary if you wanted to travel to anywhere other than central London. The public transportation to and from there is really good. You should be able to find a school that caters to any SEN need you have, but it may include further travel if it is a specialist school your child ends up attending.

  29. How can you mention Chislehurst without mentioning the caves? Well worth a visit.

  30. Absolutely not. My garage will always keep the old parts and show me what they’ve done. It’s part of their level of service and they also take the time to explain what’s been done and why if it’s fixing a problem rather than just a service.

  31. A late 80s 1L polo. No power steering, No brakes, no power, no electric anything and no grip. Did a lot of motorway miles on it too. Great car. Oh shit.

  32. I had one too - my first car. Even crashed it into a tree and it still kept going. And I can still remember the license plate too! D98 XPD.

  33. First think that’s made me laugh out loud today. Thank you!

  34. £2.60 for a Long Black (or Americano) in my local independent coffee shop, and £2.80 for the batch-brewed filter (which I coincidentally just picked up this morning). It's one of two cafes in the area that takes proper care over how it brews, uses Square Mile Red Brick for its house drinks, and also usually has a range of beans in from 3-4 independent roasters. Queue is usually out of the door in the morning, so I hope they're still doing ok and making ends meet.

  35. I too pay 2.60 for a long black from my local (to the office) independent coffee shop when I go I’m once or twice a week. They have their own blend which is really good. I bet the 9th coffee free AND a pastry or cookie with it.

  36. My Volvo has that as well. I had to buy a Bluetooth adaptor for the Aux port. Luckily that's right next to the powered USB port, so it can run off that, inside the centre armrest.

  37. When I was researching before buying my Volvo I think that you need a 2009MY to get Bluetooth for audio.

  38. Turns out after a quick search that it’s model dependent!

  39. I’m gonna come in and defend traditional Jewish and Muslim people that do it, purely because they view it as an integral part of the Covenant with God, and so a requirement for being a complete person, but I don’t get Christians doing it, since it was decided in ~50AD that pagan converts didn’t have to follow all aspects of Jewish Law, and I assume the vast majority of Christians have ancestry that is non-ancient-Israeli

  40. So a requirement to being a ‘complete person’ is to chop a bit off. Well that makes sense.

  41. I meant complete spiritually,, I don’t fully understand it, I’m not Jewish or Muslim, I’m just defending a 3000 year old tradition

  42. Why though? People used to think it was ok to enslave black black people. You going to defend that tradition too?

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