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  1. Divorce his sorry stupid ass.unbelievably selfish moron.let him reap what he sowed!

  2. Shes not in the west -so no its not smart to make yourself a target. She could end up in a work camp..

  3. Shes an idiot to resist only going to get more painful....

  4. Pebbles and bambam.(flintstones)..i just think she fits pebbles ..lil darling

  5. I left home at 17 ..its a hard go ...believe in yourself. Dont let anyone talk you into using your body for $$ !! go to school get a trade. I became a hairdresser with GED equivalent you will make it if you stay off hard can have drug partylife for a while as a young person..but don't let others move into your space use you..get a pet 😉. It will help you to go to work etc when you have to do it to feed pet keep roof over your head. Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Just give him a piece! You re the nice uncle that spoils the kids ..give him a squeaky toy to take home too..

  7. Sturgeon has "Mary queen of scots" attitude . She knows scotland owes $$$.. depends on british $$$for NHS health services, border protection etc could never support growing population...theyll never actually leave..she should concentrate on improving electrical / wireless internet ..make life better for mostly rural population spread over islands..they need heat and better social services ..where will $$ come from ? My scottish nana dug peat to burn out of her backyard .. people still have to do that!

  8. Congratulations on your 2 new cats. .put a big note on her door stating rspca have been notified cats are abandoned. Then take the them the vet do all the required vax mixro ghopong etc. Then let them shit in her yard while you have them inside all loveydovey. Or finf homes ..dont consider her at all anymore.

  9. Lol! Ha ha ha ha ha‼️ Let the shit in “her yard”, rotflmao!! Best dang post/reply all day! Love it 🥰

  10. Thanks sorry for bad spelling 🙂 im on my phone at 2am..

  11. Pour liquid on foot wait repeat every time

  12. Those yobs are asking for a beheading provoking muslims like that...quatar isnt ready for the real world..or a monty python skit ..i would have stayed home saved$$$ bet from your own local pub..

  13. Id start braiding it ..couple of pulls & twists should get rid of annoying fuzz..

  14. The brain is composed largely of fat. Point proven

  15. 🧇 waffles..oh wait thats what he wants..Marlon ..Brando..

  16. Carry catnip . Shake da treat 😋 will afraid 😱

  17. Best to just walk away..maybe leave a token sacrifice..candy .....

  18. You have been warned....what a lil' stinkeye darling!

  19. She needs to get tickets higher up the tiers next time..its not his fault!

  20. I know a lady with 5 ginger sibling kitties she found 26 years ago .all alive still.theyre country cats but live in heated barn cat house..i hope you have these darlings for a long time..

  21. Frida Kohlo . Very very well respected Female mexican artist...natural eyebrows.. its 2022 people...this upset dad is typical gop 🙄 ..

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