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  1. You can do that via steam itself btw. Tap to the right of the number pad when binding something in big picture and then tap the multi button mapping setting that pops up at the bottom. Then you can tap multiple keys to bind to one button.

  2. Is Ground War very popular currently, you think it has lasting power? I'd love to give it a go in place of my Battlefield itch. I don't really like the small map/small player count normal COD anymore.

  3. Not sure about MW2 but FWIW I was able to get into matches instantly for ground war a year after MW2019 came out.

  4. Your hips are shooting up causing this. Just need to focus on fixing that, might have to Deload a little until you get the muscle memory.

  5. Thanks for the response. Yeah im gonna switch to paused high bar squats at a tad lighter weight i think while hitting quads with front squats and leg extensions.

  6. Does the same thing happen at lighter weights?

  7. No not really, Im thinking its a quad weakness would be my guess...but not sure.

  8. Dedicate a good amount of your day to it and grind that mfer like nothing

  9. I loved it. FWIW, I hated Cold War and vanguard but loved MW2019. My issues mainly stem from the menu and perk system. I liked the field upgrades in MW2019 and by extension MW2. Started with cod 3 till ghosts then MW2019 pulled me back in

  10. There is a recapture plugin someone used which seems to work but I haven't personally used it

  11. Are you talking about the crankshaft one?

  12. I’m the doctor and here is my assistant who is also a doctor. And that’s your nurse who is a doctor. Oh them that’s your HVAC tech; yup a doctor also. We provide the highest of care and coolest room since we are all doctors.

  13. Yup. SA2 is my favorite game of all time, I see you got good taste

  14. Is "polarizing" the new buzzword these idiots are using to explain to shareholders why their garbage, rushed out and unfinished video game that's exclusive to the Free Games Store sucks and sold like shit? There was nothing polarizing about it. Almost everyone agrees the new Saints Row is terrible in every possible way.

  15. I suggest making a poll in a community post. The success of your decision is dependent upon the market. So why not ask the market right?

  16. Thanks for the response and that’s a good idea about the poll. Thanks!

  17. This is a tough question. You have to look at the overlap within your fanbase for the existing topic and the new topic -- for me, I moved from just Star Wars to Star Wars, Halo and Sci-fi... and it worked fairly well.

  18. Oh wow didn’t expect to see you here, love your content. I currently do a lot of sonic related stuff whether it be reviews, or stuff about the games development. I want to start doing just game reviews of both sonic and nonsonic related games on my backlog is my goal. Thanks for the response!

  19. That's a lot of volume. I started doing this program with 2 T2 and 3 T3 in my home gym and it still took me well over an hour of almost steady state cardio style lifting. I went down to 2 T2, one of which is bodyweight based, and 1 T3 and I feel a lot better recovery wise.

  20. I've done nsuns before and it was a lot of volume, à workout was like 2 hours. Maybe OP is trying to keep the same thing up? Personally right now I'm doing 1 T2 and 3 T3s. Going to change it to 2 and 2 soon also.

  21. Yes I am trying to keep the same volume up! Appreciate the response!

  22. Thanks for the response! I’ll definitely keep an eye on my recovery as I am in quite a caloric deficit. I was running nsuns along with 6 accessories so the mass amount of volume was to try and keep up with what I was doing prior. That’s a good idea about the upright rows also, thanks!

  23. Also any recommendations on what to focus on muscle group wise I’d appreciate it

  24. I wrote on 9/10, haven’t done any of the AAMC material except sample exam and was gunning umonky. My 9/10 exam felt significantly easier than anytning on UMonky. I voided though because I didn’t feel prepared enough (haven’t done a lot of electric practice for physics for example) but in terms of question diffculty, the exam felt like kindergarten. Not only the questions but also the passages felt waaaaay more straightforward than UMonky. I also used anking miledown deck + panekow p/s + umonky concepts and extra things

  25. Never played one of these, which would you recommend to start with?

  26. Hey man are you still working on this? I would love to use it, since your spreadsheets are some of the best

  27. Not in the beta. I loved everything about MW2019 from the maps, weapons, movement etc. hated cod games after BLOPS2 till MW2019 and hated Cold War and Vangurd. If your in my boat you think I’ll like it?

  28. Playing thru Shin Megami Tensei III HD and it’s one of the most metal games I have ever played. Love it

  29. Very disliked HZD. Visually amazing, 7/10 in every other possible way at best. Combat against humans is awful, and the open world felt completely pointless. It is one of the most bland games I've ever played.

  30. This was my same reaction too. Got the game for $5 on ps4 and put it down very early because the first 3 hours show you the entire game

  31. I unlocked all the walking antennas and fought the giant trex and pterodactyl declared victory and noped out.

  32. Yeah basically this lmao. Don’t get me wrong no disrespect to the devs but I just don’t see what the appeal is of it. It’s competently made but there’s just nothing interesting with it for better or worse. In my opinion at least

  33. Happy to see the HUD stuff can get turned off. With open world games like this I like to keep it minimal

  34. Oh nonononono what will the Reddit hate train do now. Jokes aside this is awesome! Can’t wait for it…been liking everything I’ve been seeing since the abysmal IGN reveal

  35. God I am so ducking excited! I LOVED MW2019 after not really liking any cods since BLOPS2. Really hope that 2v2 mode is back, thst was so fun

  36. Dude don’t come in here and act like Infinite wasn’t at the top of the charts also when it was first coming out lol. Game is dead now because devs suck but same case with CP2077 after the initial backlash died down

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