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  1. Huntsville, AL police officer charged/convicted with murder in 2021 has sentence overturned

  2. Where I am it’s vascular access, non-cardiac meds (excluding 1:10,000 epi for cardiac arrest) and they’re talking about adding optional ekg interpretation.

  3. Can you elaborate? Decent vehicles, equipment, protocols, crew quarters?

  4. Okay vehicles, supposedly getting new trucks soon. Pro-aggressive treatment medical director, good pay for cost of living

  5. Donut shop is pretty good, but I’m not picky. Not sure how you feel about cold brew but a cold brew maker is pretty cheap and you can make a lot that will last all day.

  6. even if the match is close, if they do not start playing hard defense, a small barrage of 3's or easy buckets will come again and they will get the advantage easily

  7. So uhhh, newish Hawks/NBA fan. Are we actually happy about Bruno bc I feel like we’re not lmao

  8. Bro I’m stripped down after 2 steps in the house after each shift who is doing one month

  9. I’ll never understand the hate for fire on this sub. Sure we joke on them a lot, but out of 10+ departments in my coverage area we have 1 ALS department and they are by far my favorite to respond with. Having help is good sometimes, no matter how type A we can all be.

  10. I don't hate FD. Fires need to be put out. But nothing was no fire here. An ALS Engine is less useful than a transporting ambulance in every situation. Nobody advocates sending school buses or garbage trucks to medical calls.

  11. To clarify, fuck the FFs on this call. That being said, an ALS engine will always be less useful than a transporting unit, but not useless.

  12. The argument I hear often is allowing appropriate investigatory resources a chance to view it first as well as family.

  13. That and making sure to redact license plates/others not involved in the incident.

  14. My god these espn commentators do NOT like us

  15. To my hawks, I apologize for turning this game off in the first quarter ❤️🙏

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