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[OC] 2022 WWE Statistics

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  1. Saw that a lot in there especially from Rhea since she was in from the start and lasted a damn long time to say the least.

  2. Must be another thing that will make the higher ups impressed, that they can trust her to look after her fellow wrestlers and keep everything running smooth.

  3. That's really cool. Always great to see how much wrestlers look out for each other.

  4. Ok, mind you she got smoked in the votes every time, but it was nice to see Rhea place decently high in a few categories.

  5. I love that they got Mace's irl sister, that's dope.

  6. Liv "workhorse" Morgan. What a year for her, from being almost fired to winning the SD title and this.

  7. It was clear she had potential but just never got the chance to show it. Once she actually started getting consistent matches and feuds two years ago, then everything started to click.

  8. What really impressed me is her work with nattie and tyson in their hart dungeon videos nattie posts on ig. Liv really has put in the work.

  9. She has had a passion for wrestling ever since she was a kid. She just didn't come into wrestling the expected way for someone like that. But you can tell her and Dawkins (another trainee with those two) have gotten so so much better in the last year

  10. Are Judgement Day still feuding with the OC or are they only feuding on the live events?

  11. Only on the live events. Both teams seem to be just starting new feuds. OC having problems with the bloodline and JD with Tozawa and the Profits.

  12. Would be weird considering Drew already was a two time champ.

  13. Rhea, Liv and Tegan vs Bayley, Bianca and Dakota

  14. I think this is a nice story for Roxanne's reign. Wanting to bring the title back to the level past champions had given it. Matches her character well.

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