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AITA for banning alcohol from Christmas.

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  1. Not for me. But if that relationship makes others happy, good for them.

  2. Not something I want, but if it works for others good for them.

  3. Not for me; I wanted medical professionals on hand in case of emergency.

  4. Home birth where you live does not have any medical professionals present?

  5. Fun fact: in the US a home birth does not require medical professionals. Some midwives and doulas haven't had any medical training or licenses.

  6. Pretty well. I only need it if I'm out running errands, which is maybe once a week.

  7. I responded by laughing, which made him mad and he got super insulting which made me laugh more.

  8. I'd be happy because it means she's probably staying with him and his wife/kids while traveling. Having an ex in a touristy city is handy sometimes.

  9. Probably over 1000 in World of Warcraft. I used them to level my fishing and cooking.

  10. Upper body exercises to build and strengthen the pec muscles can make boobs look perkier than they otherwise would be.

  11. I'm guessing that would only work for folks with relatively small band and cup sizes, but it's worth trying, I suppose.

  12. Maybe? I'm 50 years old and my size ranges anywhere from 28F to a 30E depending on my cycle and beer consumption, and so far I haven't had any sagging. I also do a lot of pushups and upper body exercise. I'm adopted though so I could just be genetically blessed, who knows.

  13. YTA. You can absolutely ban booze from your house, your house your rules. But it's really immature of you to cry disrespect when the rest of the family explore other alternatives.

  14. I had a very supportive spouse. I couldn't have done it otherwise.

  15. Feels normal? As long as they're not trying to talk to me about their MLM because they're a BossBabe, I don't know why there's an issue.

  16. I saw so many women my age embracing their natural color of silver/grey/white during the pandemic and they look stunning. Then there's me with the same mousey brown I've had forever and an occasional white hair; come on hair, be all or nothing jeez.

  17. None. Anime series though... I'll never recover from a certain character's death.

  18. I love garter stitch when properly used. For example

  19. that sweater is absolutely adorable and i kind of want to make it for myself (as soon as I do the math and figure out how to embiggen it)

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