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  1. I had to pay the Girl Scouts out of my own pocket. I’m paying myself back, yes.

  2. I assumed that bro, I was just have a laugh.

  3. I thought that was the Christian equivalent

  4. This isn't a protest it's just criminal damage and they will be paying for it. Well done for being so stupid that you don't realise that.

  5. There was a speech prepared for Nixon in case that happened. Im sure the folks at nasa talked about it, but knowing NASA it probably wasn't anything too elegant. Probably just a plan to turn off the O2 on their suits and blackout.

  6. YTA. You have no right to a public space, if it's being used then tough. You hogging it shows that you have no respect for other people and when they catch you out you come here asking if you are the asshole?

  7. If the friend says no then the answer is no, but why the hell did the friend say that they are just for you?

  8. Because of wind resistance and also because boxy is not as fashionable now.

  9. Nope, if it was then there wouldn't be a market.

  10. Yep, the second one is just plain ugly.

  11. You guys really are getting fucked constantly aren't you. What a joke.

  12. My sister died but her bible was ok. See god is amazing...fucking idiot.

  13. The moment trump made fun of a disabled reporter should have been his end. But no there are too many sick fucks that live his fake tanned shit leaking arse.

  14. It really looks like it's fake hey?

  15. Bro, I think you've hit the high. Now head off to

  16. The amount of times I've pulled the lever and wished I hadn't.

  17. Words like that need to be punished, that's not free speech that's a dangerous person.

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