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  1. Definitely!! :) Can you DM me them? Thankyou!

  2. Can you change the fans without taking mobo out?

  3. If you don't wanna tear down everything again, I'd suggest you to just plug off the stock fan's cables and then removed the top panel with the AIO. Then swapp out the fans.

  4. Why did you swap it? Is there something wrong with the CM V850?

  5. I also swapped the v850 for SF750 because the fans of the 850 were much more noisier and noticeable for me and also had Coilwhine.

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  8. Are you really sure it's the aio? It was audible in idle/desktop mode for me. I just adjusted the fan speed of the pump in the BIOS and now it's absolutely fine. It only ramps up in more demanding situations.

  9. Before buying a PSU I've read so many reviews and comments on Reddit about it and 90% of them were positive about the SF750.

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  12. What if my friends aren't registered on am Argentinian address?

  13. I'm a little late on this, but this guy tried swapping out the parts and it worked perfectly:

  14. Mine came with a Riser cable 3.0, I doubt there is even one with 4.0 of the NR200P.

  15. Well for the Max-version there is a 4.0 cable included.

  16. 5600x GeForce RTX 3090 GAMING X TRIO 24G 32GB G.Skill Trident Z Neo DDR4-3600 DIMM CL16 X570 I AORUS PRO WIFI (rev. 1.0)

  17. Same here. I swapped out the Coolermaster PSU with the 750SF and coilwhine was gone.

  18. Very happy with the case with my only gripe being the top panel is hard to secure in place. Upsized from an NZXT H1 as my 3090 would not fit into it (is also sandwhich layout). Specs:

  19. Are you really sure about the coil whine from your GPU instead of the PSU? I have a 3090 msi and it had really aweful coil whine aswell. On closer inspection it turned out it was the V850SFX. I swapped it out with the Corsair SF750 and the coil whine is gone now.

  20. Is 64c warm for SSD? Seems fine to me

  21. Hey there, I have built my NR200p Max PC 3 weeks ago and after like 1 week the build in PSU made some really loud coil whine noises under load. Plus the fans were really loud IMO.

  22. Oh thnx. I am not home right now. I will send it later okay?

  23. Where you got these sexy cables from?

  24. What made you switching from the nr 200?

  25. when you spend extra on Noctua fans to keep your system quiet for the PSU fan to ramp up under 15% power load when running games or benchmarks it really grinds my gears

  26. So how is the sf750? I thinking about switching my V850 for the sf750

  27. My dude, I have the exact same PSU and now I'm wondering if the cables worked out well for you?

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