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  1. Ive just started reading worm. Its good so far but having read the Reckoners books im kinda worried that it will end up going in the ssame direction. Its good and im very worried about the tonal shift thats coming up. Feels like its morphing into grim dark.

  2. Not to say there may not be a similar one out there, but his shirt (along with a number of other outfits) was custom designed by SpaceInvaderK.

  3. I kinda don’t like Amanda this episode. Early on she was a good critic of the whole rivalry stuff, then she got involved with Krease. She’s definitely smart, so I don’t understand why she doesn’t trust Daniel about Silvers after her time with Krease

  4. Eleceed, Omnisicent Reader’s Viewpoint, TOG, UnOrdinary, Lore Olympus, Odd Girl Out, Bastard. Those are my tops. I have others to recommend

  5. What about the end part where someone suggested OP has lived through all these times and that’s why they are upset?

  6. Dynamical systems, mathematical biology, and data science are things I like

  7. Grad School Pros and Cons: Northwestern, Dartmouth, UMichigan Ann Arbor, UMaryland College Park, and Ohio State for an Applied Math PhD. Any comments welcome!

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