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the cops at Uvalde literally stood outside and refused to go in after the shooter and even stopped parents from helping their kids

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  1. I'm a bit confused by Lex's position, he says the media is to blame for reporting it then he says that the problem is that the media moves on from story to story, which is it?

  2. This is a pretty long clip, but what else do you expect from a Lex Fridman episode

  3. I thought Soros was a socialist?

  4. It saddens me that Lex, who produces tons of interesting content that so many thorougly enjoy, is going to read this thread and think most people dislike and mock him when really it's just that this sub attracts a lot of very negative and jealous people.

  5. Don't worry he has his own sub where they remove even the mildest criticisms of him

  6. That building design wouldn't pass safety because of the lack of fire exits

  7. You can have a door locked from the outside, but available for people from the inside to use as a fire exit. Have you never set foot inside of a commercial building before?

  8. Ted literally says he wants one door into and out of the school

  9. Jordan Peterson sucks, save your money

  10. I'm very confused why conservatives want to arm teachers, I thought they were groomers? Why would they want the groomers armed? So weird

  11. Wait for Joe to bring this shooting up on the podcast and say that the cops need even more funding and more respect from the public

  12. Gun control, mental health services

  13. That has nothing to do with gun control, this logic that because something is dangerous we should allow everything dangerous is retarded

  14. You are missing the point. The weapon isn't the issue when others can use other legal weapons to do the same damage.

  15. You can tackle both issues, you can go after the mental health stuff while restricting access to certain firearms. The reality is if this guy didn't have a gun and had a melee weapon the cops would shoot him dead, and if his weapon was a vehicle he wouldn't be able to get it into the school, so these kids would be alive

  16. YouTube duh. That’s where he can make more off of it! There is no middle man taking their cut - Shwab’s words not mine. Stand up specials are just a trailer for the live shows b

  17. Dudlord with the republicans bad liberals good, dude doesnt take a day off and posts like hes getting paid for it. Enjoy being brainwashed friend

  18. Don't make me touch you with my liberal, girlish hands

  19. Stoners who talk about the art and philosophy of jiujitsu even though they're just white belts

  20. “How’s Austin?” “It’s great, I love it. There’s a thing that happens when you get too many people…”

  21. Same, thought this was another Segura situation

  22. Honest question, when these other car manufacturers start making more electric vehicles with better quality control, what is Tesla going to do?

  23. Lex is a professional brown noser. He’ll brown noses anyone and everyone who is on the podcast circuit. To be fair, it’s gotten him quite far.

  24. Brendan Schaub once called him the head of robotics in America

  25. The enemy class? What does that even mean?

  26. So the first batch was removed because they were controversial, the second batch removed because they contained Joe saying the N word, there's probably a reason for this batch to be removed too, it's a pretty random list so maybe there's a slur said here and there?

  27. Joe confronting Les Stroud on his bigfoot show

  28. The thing about Tesla is that in ten years with the way the auto market is going it will no longer be the largest electric vehicle manufacturer by a long shot. And with the way Musk is driving his own customer base of wealthy liberals away, it'll be a meme car for weirdos at that point if it even still exists at all.

  29. I think Musk tries to swing his politics to whatever benefits him in the moment, he'll go left to appease his liberal consumers but then go right when he thinks unionization and labour laws might affect his profits

  30. And once again the bernie bros #### on everyone who doesn't think exactly like him.

  31. Yang's not based at all? Did you see his run for NYC mayor?

  32. From the brief googling I did it seems to me that both outlawed the slave trade in 1807. The British empire abolished slavery totally in 1833 whereas the US did it in 1865. So about 32 years, but Chris was saying that Britain did it 100 years prior. Im a big fan of Chrissy D he probably just confused the abolition of the slave trade with slavery. Nbd at the end of the day. Just thought it was interesting. When I heard him say 100 years I paused and thought that was nuts.

  33. Yeah, it's going into the weeds a bit, but I do like how he brings up the fallacy in people assuming that because something happened in the past people back then were cool with it.

  34. At 2:57:00 just heard Chris say the British were disgusted with colonial Americans during the revolution because they had slaves and England had abolished slaves 100 years prior... Isn't this guy supposed to be a history buff? Lol you think they'd catch that.

  35. England abolished slavery around 50 years before the US, so still quite a bit before.

  36. Joe really making use of his neighbors after the move to Austin

  37. I'm pretty sure there are several

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