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  1. You need to contact Tesla and have them fly a tech over from Oahu.

  2. Got it. Do you have rough idea on typical time it takes for them to come out and what is the estimated cost?

  3. Any links to the video will be removed. In this thread and on the main feed.

  4. Did you listen to the three minute excerpt? Because I did. It didn't sound like a shakedown to me. Asking for a buyout is far from a threat, wouldn't you agree?

  5. I listened too. I understood it as an attempted shakedown. Then he backpedaled and the rep deescalated.

  6. Learning to surf as an adult while being so famous that your kookery is considered news would be fucking brutal.


  8. I don't think it would be that much more advanced. Progression is driven by past accomplishments more than equipment.


  10. Thanks for your help! What is the purpose of the number on the board then? Not the dimensions,though. Just a random number on the back.

  11. It's so it can be tracked throughout the manufacturing process and generate an invoice.

  12. Lmaoooo that poor instructor, they probably have to deal with that shit all the time. Thank you for sharing, these are the stories I'm looking for

  13. A few of my buddies drive boats to Napali and they've always got stories. The most common is people losing their shit when it's rough and the snorkel portion is cancelled.

  14. I’ve found with things like that, it’s best to just go for the experience and if you get good fishing it’s a bonus. I have same feelings towards going to bali, I’d go for the experience and not the surf because it’s too easy to get skunked and be bummed out, if I want good surf I’ll just go to margs

  15. Totally agree. And a lot of times it can be really fun when things go wrong so long as you keep the right mindset.

  16. I’m doing a bad science experiment where I never surf in cold water without plugs, but surf and swim frequently in tropical water. I am worried it is water + wind that might increase the growth. But will report back. I’m at 90% occluded and hoping I can halt the growth by not surfing cold water anymore.

  17. The surgery is worth getting. Recovery absolutely sucks, but my quality of life was drastically improved.

  18. I had both my ears drilled about 14 years ago. Lived in Hawaii ever since. Never wear ear plugs because

  19. I started surfing post puberty living on Oahu w access to good waves almost daily and I think I’ve reached a level where my surfing is respectable… that’s obviously not the norm but what I’m trying to say is it can be done in the right environment and if you make progress a priority.

  20. I believe you. A person can absolutely become a competent, or even pretty good, surfer if they start as an adult. I'm sure you can get a stoked hoot from the lineup on a good day.

  21. Surfing well is the point when you stop thinking about it. When your body reacts to the wave rather than your mind.

  22. OP’s stuck in a bubble thinking is exactly why the idiot GOP wants to “destroy wokeness” and at this point I don’t really blame them.

  23. They're banning books and abortions in the shithole states because people in Hawaii are advocating for tenants' rights? And you agree with them?

  24. I think you'll struggle to work those hours and surf during the week. Traffic is a bitch.

  25. So was it ship shape when he launched it? Or always a wreck? Or just couldn’t get past the shallow bridge?

  26. Local weirdo who sells coconuts on the side of the road got his hands on a sailboat. I saw it listed online for $1500 at one point. No clue what he paid for it.

  27. I’m amazed you didn’t lose that car

  28. How did they rewrite the rules to keep him on tour? Is it a wildcard thing or did they tweak the rules to benefit Slaters surfing? I'm actually curious.

  29. They added the following rule when it became obvious he was missing the mid-season cut.

  30. Aren't we allowed to make fun of weird people anymore?

  31. It’s big rich corporations trying to regulate and control the Island when locals have found a way to live and possibly thrive with their own Company. I’m just an occasional tourist but completely opposed to over regulating someone’s opportunities at having their own business

  32. They're using a public resource to earn money. They need to be regulated.

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