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  1. Class act from him taking blame even when he's the most negatively impacted by the tactics. I wonder if we'll finally see him again play like an actual attacking winger now that Conte's gone.

  2. Still time to reel in Haaland and defend that Golden Boot.

  3. 10 games, 10 hat tricks, easy mode for son. Finish with 38 goals this season.

  4. Just throw him on at 70’ and he’ll bang in three—he’s 1 for 1 in that situation this year.

  5. Because people being addicted to a substance/needing it for daily function is concerning. If you need 200mg + of caffeine every day that’s a problem lol

  6. It’s not hard to find 200 mg of caffeine every day though

  7. Did you put the puck back in the portafilter and pulled the shot?

  8. it's actually even called 'american flavour' in many parts of the world.

  9. I have never been more proud of my country

  10. Honestly that’s the best-looking Aztec I’ve ever seen—silver is a surprisingly good look for this vehicle.

  11. Can we just change the name of this sub to "bitching about tipping" ?

  12. No sometimes there’s the Taylor Swift stuff

  13. Do your basic issue is that you have to tap three buttons to fuck with someone’s livelihood?

  14. I genuinely don’t like the football he forced the club to play, and I’m worried about the raft of wide players we brought in to implement his system becoming deadweight unless the next manager also deemphasizes the midfield (kill me).

  15. I think that was the point of their comment, unless I’m completely misunderstanding

  16. Yeah they were implying Swift stands out because she does do those things.

  17. It is astonishing how much this bothers people.

  18. Yes. Davison Sanchez is the evil mastermind behind Spur's failings.

  19. The “Jar Jar Binks is a Sith Lord” meme IRL.

  20. Dramatically reveal that he is and has always been naturally right-footed, a la Inigo Montoya.

  21. Sorcery is a sword without a hilt, Papu.

  22. “Couldn’t I have just not got cancer?”

  23. I’m a sociopath. People hate me intensely. I stand for my own pleasure and will. Your opinion of my opinion means nothing to me.

  24. Tyrion would still shoot him on the toilet because Jamie would still let him out.

  25. Do you mean beating the gross of all top 5 combined? Yup, will be soon reality when Morbius 3 hits the theaters.

  26. No no not Morbius 3. Morbius, released a third time.

  27. I was going to say a french fry container and that’s close enough for me to identify most strongly with this reaction.

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