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  1. The colorway leaves a lot to be desired

  2. It’s the basic shelf model “also comes in wide” black on white. What do you expect?

  3. I don’t expect anything lol. I bought them. I don’t care 💀

  4. Nice board! Why have both the BassRig and the Noble? Seems like the BassRig can handle anything the noble can provide with the eq, preamp drive, and cab sim

  5. The bass rig is more just for amp tone and dirt. The noble is my “preamp” and di more than anything else. Sometimes I don’t use the bassrig at all or use it as a switchable overdrive.

  6. Trying to think of bass-synth in a worship context…granted I know very little about the “worship sound”

  7. It’s used as like an octave fuzz. (Sub Oct + Dry Sig + Square wave). Kind of for a colossal final gain stage for certain moments.

  8. That MM has some strange things I’ve not seen; the name on headstock, the bridge is so clean and shiny, the pickguard is not broke near the jack, thr color of the fingerboard (and condition).

  9. It was kept in really good condition!

  10. Whoops! I see you accidentally forgot to move the Noble out of the picture. How did that get in there?

  11. It must have just accidentally happened. Two mythical pieces of gear are probably drawn to eachother.

  12. Your neck is misaligned. If you look at the treble side of the neck pocket there’s a slight gap as well as the truss rod nut is off center from the body access route. Loosen strings, loosen neck screws a bit and then push the headstock towards the bass side until the strings are centered. Tighten the neck screw back up. That should fix it.

  13. Did this and it fixed it. Thanks :)

  14. Flip the barrel under G and D strings. Should move the G string back over the neck and fix the spacing issue between D and A and it moves down the neck.

  15. There’s no slots on the bridge saddle. So I don’t think this would work unless I am missing something?

  16. Love me a Tone Hammer, and the gray one looks nice. You run AGS on? I'm also a big fan of the low mid body with it, though I flip my bass and treble controls from what you've got.

  17. Random stuff. Mainly the reverb. Sometimes I’ll set it to do a slapback delay or something. Or I can set a pad with the looper feature. Kinda just for ambience. I play in a folk band so sometimes it’s nice for that

  18. The Kjerag is a bit more roomy. Especially in the toe box.

  19. I would pick the Nike Pegasus 39 in the all white colorway. Not only would it be my only running shoe, but I’d use it as my only pair of shoes in general. Post up at the grocery store, weddings, night out on the town, all in the Pegs.

  20. This is a very highly factual statement.

  21. Wow‼️ these are highly factual!

  22. Most colossal thing I’ve seen all year

  23. I personally know 3 people who have gotten in on 1 ticket. So, there’s still a chance. A slim one, but there is definitely a chance.

  24. Which trail shoes did you run in and might get replaced?

  25. So same sizing as the speedgoats for you? Appreciate the review! I’ve been waiting to read some before ordering a pair myself.

  26. Yep same size for me! And even then the Speedgoats were a little narrow. These are great

  27. I did a loop at Javelina Jundred for pacing duties. 20 miles, semi technical single track.

  28. Thank you very much for your review. Can you compare the sizing to Altras? Without being able to try them on in a shop it's hard to decide which size I should order

  29. I’ve never worn Altra before so I’m not much help :/

  30. How do the Kjerag fit? Did you have to size down at all or are they true to size?

  31. If I sized down it would be too small for sure. TTS for me.

  32. Random question. Is the step in feel of your AFs in the heel somewhat soft? I was expecting these to be more firm bouncy but the heel feels softer than my RC elite 2s.

  33. They are very soft/bouncy. I really like it. However, the Alphafly 2s are MUCH more firm and not squishy like the 1s.

  34. I figured I should post back here. Won a 50K and did my first 100 miler this fall at Hennepin Hundred in 26:43. Everything turned out OK. ☺️

  35. I figured I should post back here. I took a couple days off running, eased back into things. Won a 50K and did my first 100 miler this fall. Everything turned out OK. ☺️

  36. I figured I should post back here. I took a couple days off running, eased back into things. Won a 50K and did my first 100 miler this fall. Everything turned out OK. ☺️

  37. When I was using new drives or testing something out it was nice. I don’t use it anymore.

  38. Went great! Ran 26:4x and used a handheld and belt first half, changing into a vest for the second half. Worked well!

  39. Congrats! I finished just a few minutes behind you. What a great weekend!

  40. Whoop whoop! Great job! What a day it was out there! I almost froze to death at night 😂😂

  41. I have two pairs. One for training, one for racing. 👍

  42. They could be too small for you. That upper is very tight. I normally wear US 10 but 10.5 is what was more comfortable for me while retaining the race fit.

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