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  1. loved this because my birthday is on the 18th. this concert was extremely special to me.

  2. it could possibly be a neon green, i am hoping that purple will be one of the colors since it is my favorite color. as well as green but i don’t have too much high hopes for green the way i do for purple.

  3. i must add that today was actually really special, they played we don’t believe what’s on TV. that song means so much to me, it helped me out during a hard time in my life. ANNDDD my birthday is on the 18th! so it kinda fit perfectly with daniels birthday.

  4. best believe my money gonna be gone at tomorrow’s concert

  5. blue because trench helped me through a hard time in my life , and blurryface has one of my favorite songs

  6. i love it, subtle yet stating the fact that you like tøp.

  7. you should draw the symbol from the trench era on it!

  8. Thank you! Has it been 48 hours since you submitted?

  9. its alright, im already working on a second piece that i’m hoping actually submits.

  10. OP what did you decide for the name it would be awesome if u said

  11. so, we found out the kitty is a boy. now i’m debating if i keep sacarver or switch it to keons

  12. Ayo there’s a self-titled deluxe now? With Christmas songs 😱😱😱

  13. i love this, i relate to the caption as well. :)

  14. i still have no clue what to wear, but my partner will sort that for me probably, cannot wait though. first time seeing anything TOP related since getting into them as well

  15. LOL, i would be stressing too if i didn’t have an outfit planned already. i planned quite a while ago.

  16. IM SO EXCITED , my boyfriend and i are going. both of us looooveeee top. so pretty much an ideal date LOL.

  17. well thats a bit complicated. even I am not fully sure of everything but on Youtube Nalbis did a pretty good job explaining it and so did the pop song professor with his series dema for dummies.

  18. It's a bit long, but it has a lot of clearly explained information. I reccomend to watch in sessions.

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