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  1. Basically a computer running a dns service that you control. Easiest is a raspberry pi running pi hole, and you set the dns on your router to point to it. It lets you monitor all outbound traffic and block accordingly.

  2. He may have even less of a chance than Tim Scott at being the nominee, which is at 0%.

  3. Those damn male chickens, and their cock-a-doodle doos in the morning, always waking everyone, indoctrinating them to be woke..

  4. Bobo barely scraped by her election and now frames herself as the voice of the people. What a clown.

  5. voice of the pee pole her husband used when he whipped it out at the bowling alley.

  6. Republicans: we got all we wanted, and the libs got nothing.

  7. Sooooooo....If the Republicans and Democrats are saying there is nothing in the deal for Democrats, Republicans are complaining that other Republicans did what exactly? Not 'not compromise' enough?

  8. Biden should'nt have given an inch, except to name it the Patriots Anti Woke Debt Bill (for appearance sake. only). Then Republicans would have had no choice but to back it.

  9. Fuggidaboudid...Meatball Ron is a friend of ours

  10. Of course, they need to defund all that Woke science.

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