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  1. That would be stupidly expensive for the state. Do you want to save money or spend even more?

  2. If we started doing this the people coming across on dinghies would plummet

  3. Aka people looking for refuge would have less options.

  4. Yeah all those fighting age men that need refuge and yet somehow they are able to leave all the women and children behind 👍

  5. I know for a fact that it did. I was getting turned down repeatedly despite having a pretty solid portfolio. I whipped up a fat black woman with a generic photo headshot, the cover letter was "I am a black woman with an unheard voice, you must hire me." (No other words included, not even a header).

  6. You should go to some media outlets with this and the evidence.

  7. This isnt even a lot of money tbh. Round where I live in Edinburgh, 3 bedroom bungalows go for £500k +

  8. This is all talk and full of the usual buzz words about green energy and will be dropped as soon they are in power.

  9. I said a month and a half ago this movie would earn less than 600M worldwide.

  10. Thats an interesting throwback. I think some of those replies arent going to age so well lol

  11. Lol, teachers from countries with pretty strict upbringing for children such as India and Nigeria are going to love the kids in UK schools

  12. I don't necessarily think that immigration is too high, I think it needs to be controlled in the context of barriers to emigration from the UK increasing. The best way to control the flow is to set up reciprocal agreements with countries of comparable economies so that skills can be traded. Race to the bottom immigration doesn't solve issues surrounding skills shortages or stagnant wages and we end up taking skilled workers from developing nations, at a detriment to them.

  13. We’re one migrant-led terrorist attack away from a big shift in opinion.

  14. I dont know, people seem to be more concerned about being called racist than getting angry at stuff like this.

  15. In Australia, we are looking at 500k this year and our overall population is less than half of yours. Apart from a few neo-Nazis, no one cares, or have at least indicated that they do. That's why they do these things in the middle of the football season...

  16. Your country is also one of the biggest land masses on the planet 👍

  17. Whilst much of that is true, Britain has a rapidly ageing population and people just aren’t churning out kids like they used to. You can push up wages and offer improved benefits etc but without a fairly similar rate of immigration to the one we enjoy now there simply will not be enough people to maintain any semblance of growth and the health/social care system will cease to function.

  18. We dont have enough young people working because people arent having as many children (or non at all). People arent having children because they dont have enough money. They dont have enough money due to massive wage stagnation that funnily enough lines up with the massive increase in immigration in the last 20 years.

  19. If only there were a way to allow them to work and process their applications faster, but nope, government policy says no.

  20. I mean we have serious issues around housing anyway. Immigration really isn't the issue when it comes to the UK housing market. Bear in mind that 257,000 home remain vacant in the UK.

  21. So we could fill every vacant home in the UK with the net migrants from a single year and still not have housed them all.

  22. So Germany has literally been in recession but we’re the ‘sick man of Europe’ for the umpteenth time

  23. I mean $200M-ish is pretty much the standard for most big blockbuster movies these days. Aladdin 4 years ago was $183M

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