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  1. You might get some hate for buying a Gurkha. Think the CEO ate a baby or something.

  2. I think you got lucky. Gurkha should typically be avoided. But also, smoke what you like. Just proceed with caution

  3. Oh wow, I'm drinking this right now at a bourbon bar in portland, or!

  4. You pick up a lot more notes than I do, even if it wasn't my third pour of the night.

  5. The name of the cigar seems like an invitation for an underage person to smoke

  6. Not sure if you have had the 15 or 18 year but was wondering how this holds up to those. This is far more reasonable at around 50-60 where I live and was thinking of picking one up

  7. 18 sherry is in my opinion better, but for the price gran Glenallachie 15, it blows the Macallan 18 eaaaaassssyyy

  8. I love that bottle but I found it interesting that you didn't include a nose in your review. Macallan is generally more nose oriented.

  9. Agreed, Rare cask is delicious easy to find and not that expensive.

  10. I have 2018 No 2 and 2022 and they are phenomenal. This is my favorite scotch that is obtainable.

  11. Great bottle. Just had a sip today

  12. Just curious, have you also tried the charred release? I've only had the charred, wondering which one most people prefer of the two.

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