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  1. What a game. Scrappy play. The pk got it done. Grub was spectacular.

  2. Granted I'd say less than half the goals were his fault. Our defense had major issues getting the puck out last night allowing for easy passes towards the front of the net and 2nd chances. We also seemed unable to block shots.

  3. And 2 of the goals were off seattle players

  4. 2 of those goals were off seattle players - speaking as a goalie myself i wont hold those ones against him.

  5. Everything with genetics and immunotherapy - oncology.

  6. Man i bet that is okey spicey whiskey if it was in virgin wood for 11 years

  7. Would it not be a useful question in risk stratifying - for lots of other things? Hiv, hepc, - it would get you a dx code documented for various testing “high risk lifestyle Z72.5”

  8. That Z code actually doesn’t cover anything. It’s also stigmatizing. I would encourage Z20.6 for exposure to HIV or Z20.2 for exposure to STI. Insurance will almost always cover those.

  9. Well without the Z code i have to ask patients for ABNs where as with it I dont.

  10. And if you dont have a known exposure to any of those things - but you want to check yourself?

  11. When I drink alone, I prefer to be by myself.

  12. I always win the drinking games that way.

  13. Ya that turkey aint cooked all the way

  14. Read the time stamp. Just wait for the 2024 run if this was the 2020 version

  15. Honestly one of my most used tools. Goes everywhere my drill bits go.

  16. Oh, the pot still is just a show piece bottle. That’s been sitting there forever. I bought it solely because I liked the look of the bottle.

  17. You Do you - but the whiskey is worth drinking too imo

  18. It gets a lot of hate, I’ve had it once. Seen it for $50 ish not sure exactly but I’d say it’s worth that and good enough for a neat pour

  19. I got a bottle as a gift. I didnt care for it neat but it was plenty enjoyable on ice for me. Id pay 50 for it i think but not much more.

  20. Because any idiot can make it work - and most of the times idiots do it like this.

  21. Where is the fox news label in here?

  22. B12 / Folate deficient or somebody that got transfused recently - that looks like it could be two distinct cell populations to my eye.

  23. How long have you been a tech? I'm a student and it is badass you nailed it lol

  24. About 10 years. 5 of those in hematology and 1 in oncology.

  25. Has any president ever nominated 3 members of the court in 1 term?

  26. I swear he was halfway to second before it hit him what he had done.

  27. Sweet colors im partial to vaughn myself though

  28. Look up how they did/do it on the space shuttle / international space station

  29. What film? With print it looks like xray but i assume that to be more of the print process than the film

  30. Well I always referred to 12yo Caol Ila a great “third glass” scotch, so this Kirkland Islay seems right up my alley ;)

  31. The 18 unpeated cask strength is good - but needs some water or ice at 120 ish proof

  32. Excellent driving - that takes real skill because i couldnt do that if i was trying to

  33. Sos pad and wd40. Then lightly oil with tool oil to keep them clean after

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